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Story Three: We're Just Ordinary People with Strong Sexual Desires
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Story Three: We're Just Ordinary People with Strong Sexual Desires

In the midst of my busy schedule, I finally took a moment to pause and record my recent observations and reflections.

"What kind of love doll do you like? Why are you attracted to a love doll? Everyone's answers are different."
Mr. J's answer was straightforward: "It's a sexy, beautiful, and cute doll! I like her! I'm just an ordinary person with strong sexual desires, and I want to have a sex with her and take care of her!"
His candidness and boldness impressed me. It was the most honest answer I had ever heard! Unadorned desire. I totally agree! It’s the same for me. I started owning dolls just to pursue happiness! But as the dolls stayed with me longer and longer, I became dependent on and attached to them.

Our physiological instincts control our brains' decision-making! Perhaps we're all just ordinary people with strong desires! We've merely found a way to release our desires that we like and suits us. Love dolls are our best choice!

Mr. J, an employee of a freight company, faces enormous work pressure every day. Exhausted daily, he has no time to please women. Moreover, he prefers women with large breasts, a type hard to find in reality. He is also unwilling to spend some unnecessary money to buy sex, because the happiness is short-lived and he may face some health risks.

When Mr. J found me, he already owned seven different dolls. He discovered the WM Doll 155L on my website, This is a love doll with Fuckable Tits. It became his new trophy. He owns a Pornhub channel where he freely showcases his joyful life with love dolls.

I resonate with his philosophy. I turned him into my AFF partner. I think it's a win-win. He can help me promote my website, and the rewards he receives can help him further develop his doll interests.

I run my doll store and have become friends with many customers. I enjoy hearing their stories, which is why I personally engage in customer support work. It allows me to connect closely with my customers, understand their stories, and meet their needs.

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