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Fanreal Doll

Fanreal Doll

Fanreal Doll is one of the top silicone sex doll manufacturers in the market today, producing incredibly lifelike silicone love dolls. Despite being a small-scale doll manufacturer, they have garnered unparalleled acclaim internationally, thanks to their attention to detail and pursuit of perfection. Their Maria and Della have captured the hearts of countless doll lovers since their launch.

Fanreal utilizes high-quality materials to produce silicone love dolls, meticulously crafting every design element. You'll be amazed by the flawless execution of each feature, from the nose, lips, and eyes to the flexibility of the skeleton, hand details, and skin texture. The lifelike body painting technique makes the love dolls even more realistic! Moreover, their dolls offer a perfect soft-touch experience, making them one of the closest to human skin touch among doll brands.

The core philosophy of Fanreal Art is to "portray ordinary and realistic character details to the extreme, presenting them in the form of realistic artworks." This philosophy runs through all product lines and production processes, reflecting the team's relentless pursuit of art and craftsmanship.

Fanreal Doll is not just about captivating lifelike love dolls but also about perfect artworks. With a close collaboration between Fanreal Doll and BetterLoveDoll, choosing to order Fanreal Doll from BetterLoveDoll ensures you get perfect doll quality, excellent customer support, and better prices. Don' t hesitate any longer! Get your Fanreal Doll home now!

6YE Doll

6YE Premium or 6YE Dolls/ Amor Doll is a well-known TPE love doll brand, established in 2013. Their dolls are the ultimate combination of quality and affordability. Over the years, their lifelike sex dolls have gained popularity. These lifelike 6YE Sex Dolls feature beautiful Western faces, realistic bodies, and high-quality materials. BBW sex dolls are their specialty, and the renowned 6YE 161J BBW love doll has won the hearts of countless doll lovers. If you're into MILF sex dolls, 6Ye Premium Doll is a brand to consider.

Here are more reasons to choose 6YE Dolls:

Correct LHP (Love Hole Position)

Not all love dolls have love holes positioned anatomically correctly. But 6YE Dolls do a great job, with most of their dolls conforming to human anatomy, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of doggy style. This is the main reason why 6YE Premium remains popular.

Patented Skeleton, Flexible and Durable

6Ye Premium dolls' skeletons can move flexibly, especially in circular motions like humans.

High-Quality Durable Materials, Realistic Touch

6Ye Dolls feature a unique TPE material formula, ensuring durability and tear resistance while minimizing oil leakage.

At BetterLoveDoll, we are committed to providing each customer with high-quality love dolls and exceptional customer support. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent value, you can trust that your investment in BetterLoveDoll 6YE dolls will bring you years of happiness and fulfillment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a premium sex doll. Visit our website now to explore our wide selection.


Zelex Doll

Zelex Doll is one of the most popular silicone sex doll brands. Since its launch in 2017, Zelex has quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after silicone doll brands. Zelex dolls are not only of high quality but also offer great value for money, making it one of the most affordable silicone brands in the market. Their lifelike hybrid sex dolls (silicone head + TPE body) are also highly regarded in the market.

Zelex takes pride in producing value-for-money full silicone dolls. The brand has successfully struck a perfect balance between quality and affordability, making it a popular choice among sex doll enthusiasts. Zelex Doll listens to feedback from the love doll community, constantly innovating and improving their products.

On August 31, 2022, they launched their new Inspiration series, representing a significant upgrade to their silicone sex dolls. These improvements make the dolls more realistic and versatile.

The Zelex Inspiration series includes four aspects: upgraded colored sealing technology, a mouth structure with a movable jaw, softer breasts and buttocks, and interchangeable labia.

In 2023, they introduced the highly popular SLE silicone doll series. These dolls are known for their exceptional softness and durability, offering a similar softness and durability to TPE material but providing a superior overall experience with more lifelike doll body details. The dolls in the SLE series are made from silicone material developed and produced independently by Zelex Doll, allowing the company to control the quality of the material and maintain reasonable production costs, thus providing customers with cost-effective full silicone dolls.

US In Stock Sex Dolls

American sex dolls come in a range of shapes and sizes, all sexy in their own way. Just like the American spirit, be free and follow your inner preferences. Choose your favorite silicone or TPE sex dolls from our extensive stock of American love dolls, Receive your doll quickly, and indulge in the ultimate fun. There are many brands for you to choose from: WM Doll, Irontech Doll, 6ye Doll, Starpery Doll, and many more.

Waiting for a custom doll can feel like an eternity, which is why choosing a doll from our in-stock collection is the perfect solution for those who just can't wait. Our US warehouses have dolls available for quick delivery, meaning you can hold the doll of your dreams in your arms sooner than you ever imagined. And the best part? The dolls in our inventory may be pre-made, but they are far from ordinary. You can personalize them by changing their hair and eye color, as well as dressing them however you like. The possibilities are endless!

Delivery time for in-stock sex dolls from our US warehouses is approximately 3 to 7 business days.

Don't see your dream doll in this collection? No problem! Our complete collection of sex dolls is ready and waiting for you. Our friendly team is here to help you find the right fit, so why wait? Find the lover of your dreams who can fulfill all your desires in just a few days. Start exploring now and make your fantasies come true!

N-cup Busty Breast Sex Doll

N-cup sex dolls boast one of the largest bust sizes available on the market, with a difference of about 14 inches or approximately 35-36 centimeters between their upper and lower bust measurements. These love dolls primarily belong to the TPE material produced by the 6ye brand. Despite their ample busts, they feature slender waists and proportionate thighs, making for perfect body curves.

Like other busty dolls, we recommend opting for a hollow chest customization to ensure lighter weight and reduce the risk of deformation.

Big Tits Sex Doll

Big tits sex dolls, adorned with D-cup and above assets, go beyond the average, offering a tantalizing experience for those who crave the embrace of ample bosoms. Revel in the luxury of big breasts, huge tits, giant tits, massive tits, and large boobs that elevate the art of passion to new heights.

Immerse yourself in the exquisite aesthetics of our big boobs sex dolls, where a tiny waist accentuates the allure of larger-than-life tits. Immerse yourself in the exquisite aesthetics of our big boobs sex dolls, where a tiny waist accentuates the allure of larger-than-life tits. Her huge tits swayed back and forth, so exciting.

Big Tits Sex Doll is made of food-grade TPE or silicone material, which naturally has the same softness and touch as real human skin. Sex dolls have improved a lot now. You can choose from three different breasts:
1. hollow breasts
2. jelly breasts
3. solid chest.

Among them, hollow breasts are the softest, but may be damaged due to squeezing or violent use; jelly breasts are the second softest, but the touch and softness are closer to real people. The disadvantage is that if the breasts are too large, the jelly material will easily break; solid breasts Have the best elasticity and are not easily damaged, but they feel harder and weigh the most.

Finally, we also have some special huge tits sex dolls, such as huge boob dolls with vaginas added to the chest (
wm dolls and axb dolls have such products) or alien huge tits sex dolls with three breasts (elsababe products). If you are looking for ultimate big breast stimulation, I believe these products can satisfy you.

Big Booty Sex Doll

Big Butts Sex Dolls–an enticing fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Most of the dolls have a hip circumference of over 90cm, just like the real Kardashian, which is good news for all men who like beauties with big booty. Not only that, Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the big butts love toys we have for sale here stand out for their unique features, ensuring a visual appeal that complements the natural curvature of the spine.

Engineered to support an upright posture, it allows the hips to seamlessly integrate with your body, creating an all-encompassing fuller, and leaner look. At Betterlovedoll, you can customize your own TPE or silicone sex doll effortlessly. The skeletal structure is composed of stainless metal that allows for a myriad of intimate positions.

 With the improvement of technology, you can also choose functions such as electric hip twisting, electric vaginal clamping, and vaginal heating, so that you can enjoy the ultimate sexual experience.

 If you are new to sex dolls, I suggest you choose big booty sex toys from Climax Doll. They have a butt torso with the largest hip circumference in the world. The soft and warm wrapping feeling will make you feel so good that you will explode.

Finally, trust me. Whether you seek companionship or desire to enhance your intimate moments, the Biggest Booty Sex Doll is designed to fulfill your desires.

BBW Sex Doll

What is a BBW sex doll?

BBW sex dolls are adult products designed and produced based on big beautiful women in real life. They are also commonly called chubby sex dolls or fat sex dolls. BBW sex dolls are usually divided into two categories:

The typical characteristics of the first category are huge breasts, wide and perky buttocks, slender waist, flat belly, and sexy but not thick thighs, and shapely arms. This kind of beauty who is extremely plump in the plump parts and extremely slender in the slender places are almost impossible to find in real life, so they are called perfect BBW sex dolls.

The second category is realistic BBW sex dolls. They are just like real plus-size women in real life. Not only do they have big breasts and big butts, their waists and abdomen are also full of fat, their thighs are thick, their calves are round, and the flesh on their arms has a sagging feeling. We can call this type of real BBW sex dolls, they are exactly the same as the typical BBW beauties you meet in real life.

BBW sex doll recommended

BBW sex dolls are generally made of silicone or TPE materials with built-in alloy bones. The most popular one at present is the silicone BBW sex doll. If you want to buy a silicone BBW sex doll now, I would recommend irontech’s perfect BBW sex doll series and starpery’s real-life scanned and modeled super-realistic BBW sex doll # 161H.

Most of the BBW sex dolls are for white women or Asian women, if you want a real black BBW sex doll, I will recommend irontech products to you again, because they are the best in the entire industry in designing and making black BBW sex dolls. Finally, if you are a novice, I would recommend climax’s TPE BBW sex doll torso to you. This series of products from climax is definitely an excellent choice for novices.

Things to note when buying a BBW sex doll

The BBW sex doll is more popular than almost all other sex dolls, but she also has two big disadvantages:

First, BBW sex dolls are much heavier than other sex dolls. If they are of the same height, BBW sex dolls are almost twice as heavy as skinny sex dolls. Most BBW sex dolls weigh more than 40kg, and even many are close to 50 kg. This requires physical strength. It's a big challenge.

So we generally recommend strong men with a height of over 180cm to choose. Of course, if this is your favorite, then I believe you can overcome everything. 

Second, BBW sex dolls are more expensive because they use more materials and more shipping costs. However, compared to the first disadvantage, this disadvantage is not that important. If you like it, the price is only a small problem. After all, sex dolls are not just for sex but also for companionship, which is completely different from sex toys.

Muscular Sex Doll

Introducing the epitome of physical prowess and sensuality – the Athletic Muscle Sex Doll, a manifestation of strength, toned physique, and alluring curves. Designed for those who appreciate the beauty of a sculpted form, muscular love dolls boast stark muscle lines, a fit sex body, and muscular thighs that redefine the boundaries of realism and desire.

Athletic Muscle Sex Dolls stand tall, both in stature and allure, offering an experience that transcends traditional expectations. With meticulously crafted features, these full-body sex dolls encapsulate the essence of an athlete's physique, providing a unique and immersive encounter for those seeking the extraordinary.

The sex doll body is a testament to the artistry behind these creations, featuring a realistic and flesh-like texture that enhances the tactile experience. Feel the tight embrace of its sculpted arms, run your hands along the defined muscle contours, and indulge in the firm yet supple touch of its athletic thighs.

Emphasizing not only the fit sex body but also the tight buttocks that exude sensuality, our Athletic Muscle Sex Dolls redefine companionship with a touch of allure and strength. Whether you seek a visually captivating experience or a partner that embodies physical excellence, these realistic sex dolls in action promise an encounter beyond imagination.

Experience a realm of passion and desire with Betterlovedoll, where we invite you to explore our exclusive collection of TPE or Silicone athletic sex dolls. Crafted with a skeletal structure made of stainless metal, an incredibly flexible material, these dolls offer a diverse range of intimate positions, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience. Uncover a plethora of exhilarating sexual positions that beckon exploration. Transcend your fantasies, delve into the peaks of pleasure, and welcome a companion that surpasses the ordinary – meeting the Athletic Muscle Sex Doll, where strength seamlessly meets seduction.

Tall Sex Doll

Step into a world where seduction meets stature with our exquisite collection of 170cm Sex Dolls, crafted to captivate and indulge your deepest desires. Standing proudly at heights ranging from 168 to 175cm (5ft 6in to 5ft 9in), these big love dolls redefine elegance and sensuality, making them the perfect companions for those who appreciate the allure of elongated beauty.

The Allure of Large Love Doll

Picture a companion with the grace and stature of a supermodel – our tall sex dolls embody precisely that. With their long legs that seem to stretch into eternity, these dolls are an embodiment of allure and sophistication, creating an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

Designed for those who crave the embrace of a giant babe, our tall love dolls stand tall and confident, with an ideal height range that complements individuals seeking a larger-than-life experience. Whether you're 6ft (180cm) or simply yearn for the enchantment that comes with a tall sex doll, our collection promises to fulfill your desires and fantasies.
Fashioned from top-tier TPE and silicone materials, these captivating dolls provide an unmatched lifelike texture, promising an experience that epitomizes pure sensuality.

Additionally, their skeletal framework is constructed with stainless metal, an extraordinarily flexible material that facilitates a plethora of intimate positions, ensuring a steadfast encounter. Explore a plethora of thrilling sexual positions that invite discovery. Embark on a journey to unveil the pinnacle of allure with our tallest and most captivating creations at BetterLoveDoll.

Black Sex Doll

Black Sex Doll has sexy dark skin, slightly curly hair, and sexy thick lips. They have a magical power that makes people addicted like a black pearl. These lifelike Black Love Dolls are based on sexy mature African American women's bodies, using high quality Made of silicone or TPE. They not only look beautiful but also feel more like real people to the touch. Flexible and durable stainless steel skeletons allow them to pose in the same poses as real people.


Our realistic ebony sex dolls are meticulously crafted to provide an authentic and intimate experience. Whether you're seeking a black female sex doll or a black male sex doll, or if you are looking for some famous African American black sex dolls, our selection offers a variety of options to suit your individual tastes. Imagine how happy it is to have a sex doll like a supermodel like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, or Alek Wek by your side.


Explore our selection of black silicone sex dolls and adult toys, each crafted to offer distinctive and fulfilling companionship. Embrace the allure and beauty of our black love dolls, promising intimate and sensual experiences. Find the perfect black sex doll to fulfill your fantasies and cravings, and revel in unparalleled adult entertainment with our exquisite collection.

European Sex Doll

Indulge in the allure of our European Sex Dolls. If you yearn to follow a Sexy western european white women having sex. Then this is the perfect choice for you. We also have some love dolls EU in stock and can deliver them faster to help make your dreams come true.


European women have endless beauty, and our European love dolls are no exception. These European Love Dolls have charming blue eyes, long blond hair and tall figures. Their charming body curves and pretty faces will surely make you lose yourself in the endless in happiness.


These dolls are made using safe and non-toxic silicone and TPE with top quality craftsmanship. From finely sculpted facial features to lifelike body curves, each detail is a precise representation of European Caucasian physiological traits. Whether you prefer Caucasian or Germanic individuals, whether it's the stylish and elegant French beauties or the tall and open-minded Dutch wives, you can fulfill your dreams here.


Driven by an unwavering pursuit of quality, every doll undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that what we offer is not just a product, but an unparalleled indulgence.


This is your gateway to embrace the European charm. From alluring looks to tangible, intricate features, our "European Love Doll" series promises a unique experience worth exploring. You can customize your doll by height, weight, cup size, and body shape. Whether you want a BBW European sex doll, a skinny sex doll, or a tall one, you'll get your dream woman.

Asian Sex Doll

Asian sex dolls are so popular, driving men crazy! Asian women are gentle and kind, easily sparking a man's protective instincts. Well, now these love dolls might become the women hiding in your arms. These carefully crafted Asian sex dolls include realistic Japanese sex dolls, Chinese sex dolls, and Korean sex dolls, each designed to provide an authentic and intimate exotic experience.


Why Choose an Asian Love Doll?

There is always something about Asian women that turns men on. They are petite but have charming body curves. Black hair, fair skin, small but plump breasts and ass. Are you already excited thinking about this? Our Realistic Asian love doll can help you turn this fantasy and excitement into reality.

These cute Oriental sex dolls have captured the hearts of countless men with their charm that is very different from that of Western women. Unlike wild Western women, Asian love dolls are always dignified and elegant. They have delicate faces, slender figures, and sweet smiles. But don't be fooled by their appearance. They are the most arousing partners in bed. These companions, made of medical-grade silicone or TPE, with a realistic touch and experience, will easily send your soul to heaven when you make love to them.


Explore our diverse range of Asian love dolls and redefine your expectations of companionship.

Whether you're hoping to have a Japanese porn star sex doll or a Korean pinup companion, you'll find something you'll love in our wide selection!

Japanese Sex Doll

Japanese sex dolls help you experience the scenes of Japanese porn movies immersively.


These lifelike, life-size Japanese love dolls perfectly recreate the physical characteristics of Japanese women. Beautiful black hair, petite bodies, sexy breasts and butts, and even their personalities - docile and obedient. From refined facial features to soft skin, every aspect is designed to deliver an authentic and immersive experience. Whether you want to have wild sex or a BDSM game. These Realistic sex dolls can cater to and satisfy your fantasies.


These sex dolls are made using high-quality materials, a well-made silicone sex doll can perfectly replicate the look and feel of a real person, giving you an unparalleled sensual experience.


In our Japanese sex doll collection, besides the ultra-realistic dolls modeled after real people, we also offer some uniquely Japanese-themed dolls: anime character sex dolls. These include dolls inspired by popular characters such as Boa Hancock from One Piece, Yor Forger from Spy x Family, and Android 18 from Dragon Ball. For anime fans, these lifelike anime sex dolls are like a dream come true.


Rich customization options allow you to create the perfect ideal companion. Embrace the opportunity to create your ideal companion, personalized to fulfill your deepest desires.

Chinese Sex Doll

Do you want to have a Chinese lover with a full oriental feel? If you think this is difficult, don’t worry, Chinese sex dolls can help you realize this wish.


Our Chinese sex dolls are designed and produced to imitate the appearance and temperament of Chinese women completely. They generally have fair faces and smooth black straight hair. They have small and exquisite noses of moderate height, pink mouths, and shy black eyes. They usually wear cheongsam or Hanfu. They have the characteristics of being submissive, introverted, and gentle, but at the same time, they have the virtues of tenacity and hard work. Our sex doll design masters have designed the perfect Chinese sex doll based on all these qualities.

They are made of high-quality TPE or silicone, and their skin is as white and smooth as real Chinese women. The body has a built-in alloy skeleton, which can make various movements like a real person. You can use various positions to have sex with her.

Chinese sex dolls are usually made in China because only Chinese people know the characteristics of Chinese women best and can make sex dolls with the essence of Chinese women. Sex dolls produced in China are cheaper and the quality is guaranteed, so there is no need to worry.

If you want to experience the mysterious oriental Asian women, a Chinese sex doll must be your best choice. Of course, if you also like Japanese women wearing kimonos or Korean women with a stronger sense of fashion, click to visit.

Korean Sex Doll

Korean sex dolls are a type of sexual toy that emulates Korean women, mostly young and attractive girls exuding fashion and sensuality. These vibrant beautiful asian sex dolls are made using medical-grade silicone or TPE, featuring delicate facial features, slender figures, soft skin, and stylish attire. Their exotic charm captivates the hearts of men in the United States and European countries. Who wouldn't want to have a sexy and beautiful Korean lover?


Some Korean love dolls look Korean-American. God, you can't resist them. They have the angelic faces of Asian women and the powerful devil figures of American women.


At BetterLoveDoll, you can create your Korean sex doll with a wide range of customization options. Give her your ideal skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and more. Then take her home via our discreet shipping. WOW! Beautiful right out of the box , the rest is enjoyment!

Cute Sex Doll

A cute sex doll is waiting for you from our catalog of cuties. These cute and petit sex dolls are ideal for anyone who prefers a small frame and sweet cute features. Most cute love dolls are lower in height, made with medical grade silicone or TPE . Piper Doll (no neck seam), Mozu Doll (game and anime characters) and Elsababe Doll (Silicone) are manufacturers that are well known for targeting this magnificent niche.


Cute Sex Dolls with sweet and cute faces that exude liveliness and cheerfulness. They embody an irresistible blend of innocence and charm, compelling you to feel a natural urge to protect them.


These realistic adorable love dolls are the epitome of sweetness, adorableness, and kindness, fulfilling every man's fantasy. Many are captivated by the idea of a cute girl they can't take their eyes off, and with a Kawaii sex doll, that fantasy becomes a tangible reality.


One of the most striking aspects of these Lifelike lovely love dolls is their sweet and innocent facial features. Having a sweet smile or cute expression, big eyes. Their beautiful, perky breasts fit perfectly in your hands, while their soft, lush lips invite passionate kisses and more. Their youthful, slender frames with just the right curves make them perfect for intimate embraces all night long. Spending time with these sweet and cute dolls will reveal the pleasures their bodies can offer, ensuring every moment is cherished and delightful.


At betterlovedoll, we offer super-realistic cute love dolls, including cute Japanese sex dolls and anime love dolls. Discover the world of cute sex dolls and experience a realm of irresistible charm!

Anime Sex Doll

Are you looking for an anime sex doll to reproduce your hentai sex doll fantasies with? You've come to the right place! Here are the most popular anime, cartoon and manga series of anime character sex dolls.

What are Anime sex dolls?

Anime sex dolls have become very popular in the modern world. It is not only an anime sex toy made based on anime characters, but also a must-have collection for anime lovers. Anime sex dolls have exquisite facial features and perfect bodies. This is a girl that is hard to meet in real life. These delicate works not only replicate character images but also deeply resonate with emotions. Imagine how happy and exciting it is to spend time with your favorite anime characters, especially having sex with them. Oh my God! You are the protagonist of the anime story!

Why should I choose an Anime sex doll?

Unique allure, crafting individuality

Each Sexy Anime Doll is a unique entity, finely crafted to be lifelike. From subtle expressions to magnificent attire, every detail showcases the creator's exceptional skill. These cute anime sex dolls carry the stories and emotions of characters, silently conveying the essence of anime.

Diverse collectibles, boundless enjoyment

Anime Sex Dolls are not just collectibles but also connections to beloved characters. Both anime enthusiasts and collectors find joy in these adorable sex dolls. Their diversity allows you to create your distinctive collection display, adding infinite colors to your living space.

Creative photography, fosters infinite possibilities

These Anime Sex Dolls are not merely sex toys but can also serve as mediums for creative expression. Through arrangement, pairing, and photography, you can give them vibrant scenes and stories, creating your personalized anime world. Share your creativity on social media, engaging with anime enthusiasts worldwide.

More reasons to buy Anime Sex Dolls:

Exquisite craftsmanship: Each Anime Sex Doll undergoes meticulous crafting, ensuring high quality and intricate artistry.
Abundant choices: Encompassing various classic anime characters, providing you with more options. Whether you like
Harley Quinn, 2B, Tifa, Lara Croft, Japanese anime girl sex dolls, hentai sex dolls, your dreams come true!
High-quality materials: All sex dolls are made of medical-grade silicone or TPE, which is safe, non-toxic, and durable

How do I make my custom sex doll look more like an anime character?

Impeccable Makeup:
The significance of makeup cannot be overstated. Anime characters often have distinctive facial or body features. Skillful makeup application is crucial to preserving and accentuating these iconic traits. Elsababe Doll and Funwest Doll, Mozu Doll are excellent in anime sex doll makeup.

Embrace Anime Attire:
Anime costumes are the ultimate game-changer. You don't even need to see her face clearly; the moment her costume is on, you instantly recognize the character.

Hairstyle and Expressive Eyes:
Pay attention to the finer details such as the hairstyle and eyes. These elements are the finishing touches that bring the character to life.

Anime Sex Dolls pay a unique tribute to the world of anime while symbolizing a love for art and creative expression. Choose Anime Love Dolls, and let's immerse ourselves in this enchanting small world together.

Torso Sex Dolls

Delve into the world of Torso Sex Dolls, a unique fragment of desire that captures the essence of intimacy in a compact form. These partial figures, comprising the torso portion of a full-size real doll, come in various sizes and configurations, differing in both height and weight. Ranging below a hundred centimeters and weighing between 5-20 kilograms, each torso offers distinct variations, from a simple combination of an ass and vagina to more elaborate designs including legs, a chest, and even a head.

Torso Sex Dolls Category

Mainstream torso sex dolls can be mainly divided into:
1. Upper body sex doll, usually a full-size sex doll with the lower part of the thigh removed and other parts retained. Of course, most of the upper body sex dolls will also remove the arms, or in other words, remove the head and arms, leaving only a torso. This is the origin of the torso sex doll.
2. Lower body sex doll (leg sex doll), usually a complete doll with the upper part removed from the waist, and the rest is a lower body sex doll also called a leg sex doll.
3. Butt sex doll, remove all other parts of the complete sex doll, leaving only the butt part.
4. Other half-length sex dolls, such as removing other parts and only retaining the breasts, adding a vagina to the breasts, or combining the breasts and butt, adding a vagina, or only retaining the feet, and adding the feet to the vagina, etc.
All sex doll torsos are made of silicone or TPE materials. They are usually cheaper, lighter, require less storage space, are easier to carry and use, and are suitable for novices.

Recommended half-length sex dolls

Regarding half-length sex doll brands, I first recommend climax. Their prices are moderate and their features are the most obvious; secondly is the Qita doll's real-person replica series; then irontech's sigafun silicone series; and finally tantly; these products generally have the same characteristics as real people. The skin texture and vagina are exactly the same, and these products support optional vaginal suction, heating, and other functions, making them extremely comfortable to use.

Female Sex Doll

In recent years, the demand for female sex dolls has seen a significant rise, and it's no surprise why. These realistic female sex dolls offer a unique and fulfilling experience for individuals seeking companionship and intimacy.

What is a Female Love Doll?

Female sex dolls are meticulously crafted to resemble the female body, with an emphasis on lifelike features and realistic textures. These realistic female sex dolls are available in a variety of body types, skin tones, and facial features, allowing individuals to select a companion that meets their specific preferences. Whether you like big butt MILFs, cute girls next door, hot dream lovers, gentle wives, or even slutty big-breasted sisters. You can buy her home from our shop.

These realistic dolls are made using medical grade silicone or TPE. These materials not only provide a realistic feel but also ensure durability and longevity.

One of the key attractions of female sex dolls is the ability to customize various aspects of their appearance. From hair color and style to eye color and body measurements, individuals have the freedom to create their ideal companion. You could easily mistake her for a real person.

The Benefits of Female Sex Dolls

Companionship and Emotional Support

Female sex dolls offer companionship and emotional support, providing individuals with a sense of connection and intimacy. For those who may feel lonely or isolated, these dolls can serve as a source of comfort and understanding.

Exploration of Intimacy

With a female sex doll, individuals can explore their desires and preferences in a safe and non-judgmental environment. This can be particularly beneficial for those hesitant to engage in intimate relationships or wish to enhance their understanding of intimacy.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

The presence of a female sex doll can contribute to stress relief and relaxation, offering a calming influence in the midst of daily pressures and challenges.

Choosing the Perfect Female Sex Doll

Body Type and Features

When selecting a female sex doll, it's essential to consider the desired body type and features. Whether seeking a curvaceous figure or a slender build, there are options to cater to diverse preferences. I recommend trying custom pubic hair, these cute little forests make Pussy even cuter.

Facial Features and Expression

The facial features and expression of a female sex doll play a significant role in creating a sense of realism and connection. Individuals can choose from a range of facial designs to find a doll that resonates with them.

Discover the Perfect Companion

Explore our range of female sex dolls for sale and find the best match for your preferences. Whether you desire a specific look, body type, or personality, our diverse selection ensures that you'll find the perfect companion to fulfill your desires.

Male Sex Doll

Find your ideal partner within our premium collection of Male Sex Dolls. While our website may not feature the largest variety of male love doll models, it's worth noting that we specialize in offering only the most lifelike and realistic Male Sex Dolls. If you are planning to buy One of the most popular and newest full male dolls, you've come to the right place.

What is a Male Sex Doll?

The world of male love dolls is an evolving landscape, offering lifelike companionship and unique experiences. They are adult sex toys modeled after male body and made of medical-grade silicone or TPE. They have sexy healthy bodies, strong muscles, sexy stubble and hair, and are full of masculinity. Of course, they all have amazing penises. Even their anus can be used. As the industry continues to evolve, so do the possibilities. From dolls for women to male and gay sex dolls, the selection is vast and varied. Currently, the most well-known brands in the sex doll industry for making male love dolls include Irontech Doll, QIta Doll, Realing Doll, etc. Irontech Doll is Known for producing high quality silicone male sex dolls and black male sex dolls. QIta Doll and Realing Doll are well known for producing sex dolls for gay men.

Advantages of Male love Dolls

Unsure about investing in a male sex doll? Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

Convenience Over Socializing

In a hectic life, meeting new people after a long day might not be appealing. With a male sex doll at home, there's no need for elaborate preparations or outings. Your sexy synthetic man is always available, eliminating the hassle of socializing.

Safe and Secure Intimacy

Enjoy intimacy without the worry of STDs or unplanned pregnancies. Regular cleaning ensures a safe and risk-free experience with your male sex doll.

Enhancing Relationships

Contrary to common belief, male sex dolls aren't limited to single individuals. Many couples seek new experiences and incorporate a sex doll into their intimate lives.

Freedom from Relationship Burdens

For singles, the absence of relationship responsibilities, drama, and conflicts is a notable benefit. Opt for a gay sex doll or a male sex doll to avoid relationship complexities.

Selecting the Right Male Sex Doll

Choosing a male sex doll requires consideration of various factors:

Quality Assurance

Our collection assures high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Whether Irontech Doll, Qita Doll, or Realing Doll. are the most well-known and trustworthy male sex doll brands. Be cautious of suspiciously low-priced dolls, as quality often correlates with price.

Body Type and Customization

Consider the doll's height and weight before purchase. Some dolls offer multiple height options. Additionally, customizable features such as eye color, skin tone, mouth options, dildos and genital choices cater to individual preferences.

Maintenance and Accessories

Proper care ensures the longevity of your doll. Accessories like spare body parts, maintenance kits, and storage solutions are essential for upkeep.

Exploring Our Male Sex Doll Collection

Our collection offers a diverse range of male sex dolls for every preference. We strive to provide comprehensive information to assist in choosing the right doll. Explore our other collections for more quality products and customer reviews.

We're excited to have you join our satisfied customers! Browse through our male sex doll collection to find your perfect companion.

Under $500 Cheapest Sex Dolls

The category of “Less than 500-dollar sex dolls” is possibly the cheapest in our collection. Some of these love dolls are priced as low as $299, primarily comprising torso sex dolls, some including breasts and genitals, while others only include the lower half. Despite the affordable price, some dolls are made of silicone material, ensuring a realistic, soft texture that doesn't compromise your user experience due to the lower price.


Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll is the ultimate fantasy companion for those who love cospaly and anime/game character sex dolls. Emerging as a fresh and innovative brand in 2021, FunWest Dolls boast unique and captivating head designs along with enticingly sexy bodies.

Crafted from premium TPE, Funwest dolls are safe, durable, and offer a silky smooth touch, providing an incredibly lifelike experience. These dolls are designed to offer users an immersive fantasy experience like no other. Whether you want to indulge in your favorite cospaly character or explore exciting new fantasies, Funwest sex dolls have got you covered. Their high-quality construction and intricate details ensure maximum enjoyment and comfort, making them the perfect complement to your intimate playtime.

Despite their high quality and uniqueness, FunWest Dolls still maintain an affordable pricing strategy, making them ideal for first-time doll owners and budget-conscious doll enthusiasts. They also come equipped with a fairly comprehensive list of customization options, such as motorized sucking, touch-sensitive sound features, and more, providing you with an even more realistic and immersive experience.

Unlock your wildest fantasies with Funwest Doll! Dive into the world of role-playing and explore your favorite characters in a whole new way. With their captivating designs, lifelike feel, and affordable prices, Funwest Dolls are the perfect companions for your intimate adventures. Shop now on BetterLoveDoll and bring your fantasies to life!

Cosplay Sex Doll

Welcome to our collection of Cosplay Sex Dolls, where imagination and craftsmanship meet to bring your beloved game or anime characters to life! Whether you're a seasoned cosplayer or an avid enthusiast, these meticulously crafted lovedolls are the perfect embodiment of your favorite anime, manga, or gaming characters.


Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each Cosplay Love Doll in our range is intricately designed to capture the essence of iconic figures. From their detailed costumes to their expressive faces, every aspect of these Game & Cosplay Look love dolls reflects the dedication of skilled artisans.


Versatile Selection: Explore our diverse selection encompassing characters from a wide array of genres and series. Find your treasured heroes, heroines, game characters, and even the most obscure yet beloved characters among our carefully curated collection. Whether it's Tifa, 2B, Harley Quinn or Hatsune Miku, any of your favorite characters can be customized.


Premium Quality Materials: Crafted with premium silicone or TPE, our Cosplay Sex Dolls ensure durability and an authentic representation of the characters you adore. These sexdolls are designed to stand the test of time while retaining their captivating charm.


Inspire Creativity: Whether for display, bed partner, or collector's items, our Cosplay Sex Dolls spark creativity. Let you get different ultimate experiences.


Explore our catalog and bring home a piece of your cherished fictional world today! Oh, don't worry, it's absolutely confidential, we will send her to your home discreetly, no one will know that you have quietly owned such a perfect collection!

Tifa Sex Doll

Experience the epitome of desire with our Tifa Love Dolls, intricately designed to bring to life the captivating essence of Tifa Lockhart, the iconic character from Square's renowned Final Fantasy VII. These dolls redefine sensuality, offering an intimate connection with your favorite video game fantasy.

Our Tifa Sex Toys are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing cutting-edge technology such as 3D scanning and real data mold opening. The result? A hyper-realistic masterpiece that captures every nuance of Tifa's allure.

Feel the passion and authenticity as our dolls boast intricate skin textures, delicate blood vessels, and irresistibly soft breasts and buttocks. We spare no expense, employing high-end materials like silicone and TPE to provide a lifelike texture that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, our Tifa Sex Dolls feature a movable stainless skeleton. This innovative construction allows for a wide range of poses, ensuring you can explore various positions and enjoy unparalleled stability in every intimate encounter.

Are you ready to turn your fantasies into reality? Explore the world of Tifa Love Dolls today!

Lara Croft Sex Doll

Dive into a realm where fantasy and sensuality intertwine with our Lara Croft Love Dolls, inspired by the captivating protagonist of the Tomb Raider video game franchise. Channel the spirit of Lara Croft, the intelligent and athletic British archaeologist, as she embarks on daring adventures in ancient tombs and perilous ruins worldwide. Now, you can bring this fearless explorer into your most intimate moments.

Picture an athletic, auburn-haired beauty with captivating brown eyes – the iconic Lara Croft brought to life. Our Lara Croft Sex Toys capture every detail of this daring archaeologist, from the alluring plait or ponytail framing her face to the classic ensemble of a turquoise leotard, light brown shorts, calf-high boots, and tall white socks. Immerse yourself in the embodiment of Lara's irresistible charm.

Tailored for devoted video game enthusiasts, our Lara Croft Love Toys turn long-held desires into reality. Through the use of advanced technology, including 3D scanning and real data mold opening, we achieve hyper-realistic detailing. Feel the lifelike skin textures, and intricate blood vessels, and embrace the velvety softness of both the breasts and buttocks.

Indulge in the pinnacle of realism with materials such as silicone and TPE, ensuring an authentic and tantalizing texture that transcends imagination. The inclusion of a movable stainless skeleton offers not only stability but also the freedom to explore an array of satisfying positions, making each encounter an unforgettable experience.

Experience the allure of Lara Croft like never before – explore our Lara Croft Sex Doll collection today!

Celebrity Sex Doll

Celebrity sex dolls are sex dolls that are precisely modeled by sculptors or 3D modelers based on the facial features and body of celebrities, and then carefully made by sex doll factories with strong technical strength.

Celebrity sex dolls are usually divided into the following categories:

1. Sex dolls made in the style of well-known actresses or female models, such as Anne Hathaway sex doll, Emma Watson sex doll, Angelina Jolie sex doll, etc.

2. Sex dolls made in the style of porn stars or with their formal authorization, such as Madison Ivy sex doll, Valentina Nappi sex doll, etc.

3. Another category is anime and game character celebrity sex dolls, such as tifa sex doll, Android 18 sex doll, Hatsune Miku sex doll, etc.

Celebrity sex dolls are usually made of silicone or TPE materials, with flexible joints and three holes available, just like real people.

Many people are curious about how similar celebrity sex dolls are to real celebrities? Generally speaking, between 80-99%, depending on the following factors:

1. Whether the celebrity has obtained authorization? If the celebrity has obtained authorization, the sculptor can usually get all the detailed data of the celebrity's body, facial features and even private parts, and can even invite the celebrity to do a 3D scan, so that the similarity of the celebrity sex doll can reach 99%. Of course, you know, this is rare!

2. Whether there is rich celebrity data on the Internet, such as some celebrities have starred in some exposed videos, so we know her breast shape and body shape perfectly, and it is easier to make it realistic. So pornstar sex dolls are usually very realistic. Of course, there are some anime and game characters, which have rich body data in their settings, so that very realistic products can be made. If there is little data to be found, the similarity will naturally be much worse.

3. The level of the sculptor, modeler and factory, there is no doubt that the stronger the ability, the more similar the celebrity sex dolls will be.

If you think the celebrity sex dolls on this page are not similar enough, or you can't find the celebrity sex doll you want, contact us and we can customize it perfectly for you.

ELF Sex Doll

Elf Love Dolls—a fusion of ethereal beauty and sensuality inspired by mythical fairy tales. These realistic love dolls, adorned with pointed elf ears, bring the magic of fantasy worlds to your intimate moments.

Inspired by ancient
Nordic mythology, these dolls encapsulate the essence of elves—mysterious creatures with finely pointed ears capable of capturing the most delicate sounds. As fantasy beings with a touch of magic, elves are not only visually exquisite but also possess an otherworldly charm that transforms your daily life into an enchanting experience.

Elves, often portrayed as mysterious supernatural beings, captivate the imagination with their friendly attitude towards humans. These humanoid but mysterious creatures, rooted in folklore, intensify desire and fantasy. Immerse yourself in the belief that elves are spiritual beings, and let the yearning for a wonderful sexual experience with them come to life.

In addition to these regular elf sex dolls, some products are quite similar to elf sex dolls, such as night elf sex dolls, vampire sex dolls with beautiful facial features and pale skin like elves, and aliens sex doll with pointy ears.

Crafted from high-end materials like silicone and TPE, our Fantasy Sex Dolls boast a realistic life-like texture, inviting you to explore the tactile pleasures of your fantasies. The movable stainless skeleton ensures stability, allowing you to indulge in various sex positions and fulfill your desires with ease.

Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll

A captivating embodiment of sensuality and allure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bunny-inspired sex dolls bring to life the iconic character from Who Censored Roger Rabbit.


Enchantingly inspired by the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit, our sex dolls pay homage to the iconic femme fatale known for her statuesque beauty and mesmerizing curves. Standing tall with a narrow waist and broad hips, these dolls capture the essence of Jessica's allure. Immerse yourself in the fantasy as you explore the fair skin, long luxurious red (or orange) hair, and captivating side-bangs that frame her face, embodying the very essence of the enchanting Jessica Rabbit sex toy.


Using cutting-edge technology, we employ 3D scanning and real data mold opening to ensure that every inch of these fantasy companions is a perfect reflection of the iconic character. The hyper-realistic detailing, from skin textures to intricately replicated blood vessels, elevates your experience to unprecedented heights.


Crafted from premium silicone and TPE, these dolls boast a realistic, life-like texture that heightens the sensory experience. The super soft boobs and butts invite your touch, providing a tactile delight that mirrors the fantasies inspired by the seductive Jessica Rabbit.


Designed for pleasure and satisfaction, our Jessica Rabbit Love Dolls feature a movable stainless skeleton. This innovative structure not only allows for a variety of sex positions to be explored but also ensures stability and durability. Your intimate encounters with these dolls become a seamless blend of fantasy and reality, allowing you to relish every moment most satisfyingly.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Harley Quinn Love Dolls—a bewitching fusion of sensuality and untamed allure inspired by the iconic DC Comics character. Immerse yourself in the fantasies of Gotham as you explore the enigmatic and unpredictable world of Harley Quinn brought to life in exquisite detail.

These Harley Quinn sex toys embody the spirit of DC Comics's enchantress, capturing not only her physical prowess but also her psychological complexity. Channeling Harley Quinn's expert gymnastic skills, proficiency in weapons, and hand-to-hand combat, our dolls are crafted with precision, ensuring an experience that transcends the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Harley's immunity to toxins, enhanced strength, agility, and durability are mirrored in the hyper-realistic detailing of our love dolls. With clown-themed gag weapons and an oversized mallet as her signature accessory, every inch of these dolls is a testament to the playful yet formidable nature of Harley Quinn. As a nod to her genius-level intellect and deceptive prowess, these dolls offer a journey into a world of psychological manipulation and sensual satisfaction.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we employ 3D scanning and real data mold opening techniques to ensure an uncanny resemblance to the mischievous character. The hyper-realistic detailing, from skin textures to intricately replicated blood vessels, transforms your fantasies into a tangible, immersive experience.

Crafted from high-end materials such as silicone and TPE, these sex dolls provide a realistic, life-like texture that mirrors the charm and allure of Harley Quinn herself. The super soft boobs and butts invite your touch, creating an intimate connection that goes beyond the confines of imagination.

To further elevate your experience, our Harley Quinn Love Dolls feature a movable stainless skeleton. This innovative structure not only allows for a myriad of sex positions but also ensures stability during your most passionate encounters. Immerse yourself in a world where desire meets unpredictability with our Harley Quinn sex toy
a perfect union of fantasy and reality.

Dimitrescu Sex Doll

Dimitrescu sex doll is designed based on the character Lady Dimitrescu from the Resident Evil video game series. Standing tall at approximately 9 feet 6 inches, she embodies vampiric traits and aristocratic elegance, reminiscent of the Edwardian era. Who can resist the allure of this terrifyingly beautiful, ghostly woman? Now, indulge yourself as you can finally bring home the vampire sex doll of your dreams.

kardashian Sex Doll

The Kim Kardashian sex doll is crafted with inspiration from the physique and features of the American celebrity Kim Kardashian. The name Kardashian is likely familiar to many due to the infamous leakage of a sex tape, catapulting her to widespread fame. Today, she commands millions of followers on social media platforms. Renowned for her iconic voluptuous figure and flawlessly sculpted facial features, she has become the fantasy of many.

Hence, we present the Kim Kardashian love doll, designed to embody her hourglass figure, ample bust, and curvaceous buttocks, making it a rare and irresistible symbol of sensuality.

Wonder Woman Sex Doll

Embark on an extraordinary journey of pleasure and power with our Wonder Woman Love Dolls—an homage to the iconic superheroine created by William Moulton Marston .


Inspired by the legendary superheroine, our Wonder Woman Sex Toys encapsulates the essence of strength, beauty, and grace. With straight waist-length black hair, captivating blue eyes, and broad shoulders, these dolls mirror the iconic appearance of Wonder Woman. Sporting a well-toned yet muscular build, our dolls radiate the power and attractiveness associated with this fearless warrior.


Your long-held desires and ambitions are on the brink of fulfillment with our Wonder Woman Sexdolls. Leveraging advanced technology, we employ 3D scanning and real data mold opening techniques, ensuring an impeccable replication of Wonder Woman's physical attributes. The hyper-realistic detailing, from skin textures to intricately replicated blood vessels, invites you to explore a world where fantasy meets reality.


Crafted from high-end materials like silicone and TPE, these sex dolls boast a realistic life-like texture that adds to the authenticity of the Wonder Woman experience. The super soft boobs and butts, designed for your tactile pleasure, create an intimate connection that transcends imagination.


To accommodate your every desire, our Wonder Woman Sex Toys feature a movable stainless skeleton. This innovative structure not only enables a variety of satisfying sex positions but also ensures stability during your most passionate encounters. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with our Wonder Woman sex toy—a union of strength, sensuality, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Hentai Sex Doll

Indulging in the world of desire has taken a captivating turn with the advent of Hentai Love Dolls. The term "Hentai," translating to "perverted" in Japanese, often associated with explicit anime and manga, takes a bold step into the physical realm with small hentai sex dolls.

Hentai sexdolls inherit their characteristics from the stimulating world of hentai manga, sexy anime, and Japanese anime. Originating from imaginary realms, these dolls sport exaggerated body curves, bizarre expressions, and poses that defy convention. They transform your perverted sexual fantasies into reality, presenting analogical characters from fiction as tangible bodies ready to fulfill your deepest desires.

Crafted with precision, hentai or manga sex dolls boast high-end materials such as silicone and TPE, providing a realistic, lifelike, and safe texture. Beneath the surface, a movable stainless skeleton enables these dolls to satisfy a myriad of positions while maintaining stability, turning every encounter into a seamless exploration of desire.

As we delve into this world where anime meets reality, the international allure of mini hentai sex toys becomes evident, transcending cultural boundaries to offer a unique and inviting experience for those seeking a blend of fantasy and sensuality in the palm of their hands.

Android 18 Sex Doll

Step into a realm where fantasy intertwines with sensuality – introducing our captivating assembly of Android 18 love toys. Crafted with meticulous artistry, these dolls draw inspiration from the alluring character of the iconic Dragon Ball manga series, offering an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of fiction and reality.

Adorned with shoulder-length blonde tresses, complemented by small gold hoop earrings, our dolls capture the essence of her distinctive allure. The specific shade of her hair, be it light, golden, or platinum, further enhances the mystique of this iconic character.

Meticulously designed for devoted video game enthusiasts and lovers of seductive game personas, our Android 18 Fantasy Companions are crafted to materialize your deepest fantasies. Harnessing cutting-edge techniques like 3D scanning and real data mold opening, we guarantee hyper-realistic detailing. Immerse yourself in the lifelike skin textures, intricate blood vessels, and the irresistibly plush curves that define these bewitching creations.

Submerge yourself in the pinnacle of realism with top-tier materials like silicone and TPE, delivering a texture that mirrors reality. Incorporating a flexible stainless skeleton not only ensures stability but grants the freedom to explore many gratifying positions. These creations transcend mere objects; they embody a celebration of desire and fantasy.

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey of pleasure with our Android 18 Sex Toy – where the seductive charm of a beloved character unfolds. Are you prepared to transform your long-held desires into a tangible and exhilarating reality?

Fantasy Sex Doll

Embark on an enchanting journey into the realm of desire with our extraordinary Fantasy Love Dolls—an invitation to explore the mystical, magical, and supernatural side of pleasure that transcends the boundaries of reality. Unveiling a world of Elven beauties, Halloween witches, three-breasted babes, Christmas bunnies, and fallen angels, these dolls bring fantasies to life in a way that has never been experienced before.

Our Anime Sex Toys defy the norms of the real world, embracing the extraordinary and the unknown. From ethereal Elven beauties to whimsical Halloween witches, these carton sex dolls offer an escape into the uncharted territory of desire.

Your long-held desires and ambitions are about to become reality with our Monster Sexdolls. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we utilize 3D scanning and real data mold-opening techniques to craft these otherworldly companions. The hyper-realistic detailing, from skin textures to intricately replicated blood vessels, ensures an experience that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

Crafted from high-end materials such as silicone and TPE, these dolls boast a realistic, life-like texture that adds a tangible dimension to your wildest dreams. The super soft boobs and butts, designed for your tactile pleasure, create an intimate connection that transcends imagination.

To cater to your every desire, our Fantasy Love Dolls feature a movable stainless skeleton. This innovative structure not only enables a variety of satisfying sex positions but also ensures stability during your most adventurous encounters. Explore the unseen with our Fantasy Love Dolls—an amalgamation of fantasy, desire, and unparalleled craftsmanship that takes pleasure to new and uncharted heights.

2B Sex Doll

Welcome to a world where your deepest desires are brought to life – introducing our exquisite collection of 2B YoRHa Sex Toys. Inspired by the iconic character YoRHa No. 2 Type B from the mesmerizing universe of Nier: Automata, these dolls redefine the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Step into the realm of pleasure with our meticulously crafted sex dolls inspired by YoRHa No. 2 Type B, the fictional android protagonist from the acclaimed video game Nier: Automata. These dolls offer a captivating fusion of sensuality and sophistication, paying homage to the essence of the beloved character.

Standing elegantly at 168 cm, including heels, our 2B YoRHa Sex Dolls embody the distinctive features of the original character. With her signature white hair in a chic bob cut, captivating blue-gray eyes, and a beauty mark below her left lip, the attention to detail is unparalleled. Clad in a high-slit black turtleneck dress, these dolls allow for a wide range of poses, mirroring the combat style of the iconic android.

Specially curated for avid video game fans, our 2B YoRHa Love Dolls fulfill your long-held desires and ambitions. Utilizing advanced techniques such as 3D scanning and real data mold opening, we ensure hyper-realistic detailing. Experience the lifelike skin textures, intricate blood vessels, and irresistibly soft breasts and buttocks, bringing the virtual into the tangible.

Immerse yourself in unmatched realism with high-end materials like silicone and TPE, providing a lifelike and tantalizing texture. The inclusion of a movable stainless skeleton not only guarantees stability but also offers the freedom to explore a myriad of satisfying positions. These dolls are not just creations; they are a celebration of fantasy meeting reality.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of pleasure and desire with our 2B YoRHa Love Toys – where the boundaries between the virtual and the sensual blur into a thrilling adventure. Are you ready to turn your fantasies into reality?

Full Body Sex Doll

Experience the pinnacle of lifelike intimacy with our captivating collection of full-body sex dolls, designed to offer unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction.

What sets full body sex dolls apart is their lifelike appearance and anatomically correct features, bringing you closer to the real human experience. Unlike
torso sex dolls, our full body love dolls feature the entire life-size silhouette, including a realistic torso, head, and beautiful legs, providing a truly immersive encounter.

Using only the finest materials like high-end silicone and TPE, our Betterlovedoll collection ensures not only the replication of human skin texture but also a safe and hygienic experience with every encounter.

Equipped with a movable stainless skeleton, our full body sex toys provide unrivaled flexibility, enabling you to explore a wide range of positions and indulge in your deepest fantasies with ease and stability.

Elevate your intimate encounters to new heights with full-body sex dolls from our collection and discover a world of ecstasy unlike any other.

Most Advanced Sex Doll

The most advanced sex doll combines the latest technology in the sex doll industry and the AI industry to bring you the ultimate experience that surpasses all sex toys in this era.

The most advanced sex dolls usually have the following functions:

1. Electromechanical functions:

1.1 Electric hips (electric waist twist), this function allows you to enjoy it without spending any effort. After inserting your dick into the vagina of the doll, turn on the function, and the doll's waist will automatically twist, giving you great pleasure.

1.2 Electric sucking, imitating the sucking feeling of a real vagina during orgasm, allows the doll's vagina to suck your dick regularly, and cooperates with the electric hip twisting to bring you the strongest sexual pleasure. The sucking function is usually combined with the pronunciation function, and the sound of the beautiful woman moaning further increases the pleasure.

1.3 Electric oral sex and sucking. If you are tired of the vagina and asshole, oral sex can give you a different feeling. Electric oral sex and sucking will bring the pleasure of oral sex to the peak. Electric oral sex is usually combined with a simulated mouth. At the same time, you can also choose oral heating. Let you enjoy the same 37-degree oral cavity as a real person.

2.AI function

2.1 AI dialogue, thanks to the rapid development of large language models, the sex doll industry has introduced dialogue technology based on large language models, such as coeros’ AI speaker, which can install speakers on the doll to achieve dialogue with the doll. In addition, Realdoll’s sex robot Sophia also has intelligent conversation functions.

2.2 AI facial expressions. There are currently only so many truly mature products in the AI category in this area. Most of the products remain at the fixed programs and mechanical control level. For example, AI-tech doll products are fixed programs controlled by fixed machines, so the expressions are also in a fixed cycle. Realdoll is currently more advanced, but products that truly belong to AI-controlled expressions have yet to be mass-produced.

The most advanced sex doll products sold by Betterlovedoll are mainly products that include all electromechanical functions and coeros AI dialogue functions. They represent the highest technological level of the entire sex doll and are also very expensive. Everyone can choose according to their own needs.

Finally, as far as we know, many product developers are now developing real touch and sex doll body automation, etc. We hope that this day will come soon.

The Best 10 Doggystyle Sex Dolls

In the past, over 95% of sex dolls couldn't accommodate rear-entry intercourse due to incorrect LHP (love hole placement). Typically, the opening was in the front, making it nearly impossible to use in certain positions like doggy style.

This issue stemmed from most sex dolls being manufactured in China, where factory owners and workers lacked knowledge of human anatomy and experience with their products. It wasn't until feedback from European and American users highlighted the problem that some factories began to address it. Now, over 40% of top-selling products have the correct love hole placement, allowing for smooth
doggy-style encounters.

In our premium Doggystyle sex Doll series, we exclusively feature products with the right love hole placement. These dolls boast voluptuous curves, slim waists, ample breasts, and enticing genitalia, fulfilling all the desires for a perfect doggy style experience. With their slender waists to hold onto, you can indulge in passionate penetration, watching their breasts sway with each motion. It's the ultimate pleasure.

When it comes to finding the best Doggystyle sex Doll, look no further than here. Trust us to deliver the ultimate experience you crave.

BDSM Sex Doll

Step into the realm of intense pleasure and explore the boundaries of desire with our exceptional BDSM Sexdoll—an invitation to indulge in the art of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. These dolls embody the epitome of submission, humbly obeying the commands of their master and adorned with a collar as a symbol of devotion and ownership.

Elevate your sexual experiences as BDSM Love Dolls become the source of extreme pleasure, adding a tantalizing spice to your intimate moments.

Crafted from high-end materials like silicone and TPE, these dolls boast a realistic life-like texture that heightens the sensory experience. The movable stainless skeleton ensures stability and satisfaction, accommodating a variety of positions to fulfill your deepest fantasies.

Explore the boundaries of desire with our BDSM Sex Dolls—a fusion of fantasy love dolls and intense submission that transforms your intimate moments into a captivating journey. Immerse yourself in a world where pleasure knows no bounds, and every touch is an exploration of passion and obedience.

The Top 10 Oral Sex Dolls

The ultimate choice for an exceptional oral experience that won't disappoint you.

Let’s delve into it. Before 2022, TPE sex dolls struggled to deliver satisfying oral pleasure due to two key issues: facial protrusion and unrealistic mouth design. Firstly, during
oral sex, the doll's face, and eyes would protrude unnaturally forward. Secondly, the mouth of TPE dolls lacked realism, often resembling a mere cavity devoid of teeth and tongue.

However, with recent advancements in silicone sex dolls, the introduction of Real Oral Structure (ROS) technology has revolutionized oral satisfaction. Silicone dolls equipped with ROS feature lifelike mouths complete with realistic teeth, tongues, and oral structures. This innovation allows for natural mouth movements, eliminating the issues of facial protrusion during use.

For the best oral sex doll, look no further than our ROS-enabled dolls. Designed to fulfill your deepest desires, their seductive lips and alluring gaze are saying: Hurry up and put your dick in my mouth, I like the taste of semen!

Bubble Butt Sex Doll

A "bubble butt sex doll" refers to dolls with round, plump, and beautifully shaped buttocks. Their buttocks may not necessarily be as large as those of BBW (Big Beautiful Women), but they excel in a unique shape, offering a visually appealing aesthetic akin to bubbles - round and enticing.

Currently, we have carefully selected over a hundred dolls for this series, and will continue to enrich it, curating dolls with beautiful bubble buttocks just for you!

Thick Sex Doll

Thick sex dolls are between BBW sex doll and Muscular sex doll. Compared with BBW sex dolls, which are fattier, thick sex dolls appear stronger and thicker. Compared with muscle sex dolls, Thick sex dolls do not have such obvious muscle lines, butt width and weight are usually greater than those of muscle sex dolls of the same height.

So, if you like a stronger BBW or a woman who is a thick and powerful butt with less obvious muscle lines, then the Thick Sex doll will definitely be your favorite.

All our Thick sex dolls are made of high-quality silicone or TPE materials. The touch and softness are almost exactly the same as real people. They have built-in alloy bones and joint flexibility comparable to humans. They also have a variety of functions and details that can be selected and customized. Just try it once, I believe you will definitely be addicted to her huge soft breasts and soft and moist vagina, and you can't stop every day.

Pregnant Sex Doll

Pregnant Sex Doll is an exquisite creation that mirrors the allure of an expectant mother. Adorned with a round belly and generously proportioned breasts, Pregnant Love Dolls embody the enchanting essence of a pregnant lady, inviting you to explore a world where desire meets maternity.

Pregnant sex Dolls artfully mimic the appeal of a fertile woman. With curves surpassing those of conventional sex dolls, her captivating round belly becomes a playground for your maternal fetish, offering a tantalizing exploration of fertility, security, and reliability. The arousing notion of her having already embraced pleasure adds an extra layer of excitement, catering specifically to those who appreciate the charm of MILF dolls.

All maternity sex dolls are made of food-grade TPE or silicone materials. The touch and softness are almost the same as those of real people. They have built-in alloy EVO bones to ensure that the dolls can perform various sex positions just like real people. At the same time, you can also choose functions such as electric clamping and suction, electric waist twisting, simulated oral cavity, whole-body heating, and AI dialogue to customize your pregnant sex doll robot.

Stroking the bulging belly of the pregnant sex doll, kissing the big breasts that may spurt out milk at any time, and thrusting in the soft and moist vagina, she can fulfill all your fantasies.

Femboy Sex Doll

Welcome to our world of uniqueness and inclusivity with our stunning collection of Femboy Sex Dolls. These femboy love dolls redefine conventional beauty, celebrating diversity and gender expression. Crafted with meticulous detail, each Femboy Sex Doll embodies a fusion of femininity and masculinity, appealing to those who appreciate the beauty of fluidity and individuality.


Whether you're a collector seeking representation or someone embracing diverse identities, our Femboy Sex Dolls stand as a tribute to authenticity and self-expression.


These adorable realistic Femboy Love Dolls are made from medical-grade silicone or TPE, allowing you to safely and boldly engage with them in play. They come equipped with an advanced, flexible, and durable skeleton. Even if you engage in crazy sex games with them, they won't get harmed, only filled with joy. It's worth noting that you need to take care of yourself, as they never tire.


Explore our collection and embrace the beauty of breaking boundaries.

Gay Sex Doll

Step into a world of representation and celebration with our diverse collection of Gay Sex Dolls. These gay male love dolls stand as an emblem of authenticity, catering to a community seeking representation and inclusivity. Crafted with attention to detail, each sex doll for gays radiates the essence of pride and identity, embracing love and diversity. They are modeled after real male bodies and made of high-grade silicone or TPE for safe use.


Whether you like a strong male body or a different kind of gentle and delicate face. You can find your personal companion here. You can even use their anus and oral cavity for your own pleasure. Of course, you can also have fun playing with their penises. Reach the peak of happiness together.


Explore our collection and celebrate love in its truest form. Your intimate companion will be safely and discreetly delivered to your doorstep, shielded from any prying eyes or disruptions. Enjoy the sweetness.

Transgender Sex Doll

A transgender sex doll embodies both male and female genitalia within one figure, also known as a shemale sex doll. These transexual love dolls boast a female body with male genitalia integrated in the vaginal area, creating a dual-purpose and realistic sexual companion suitable for both men and women. By using insertion dildos, any female sex doll can be transformed into a shemaledoll. See, it's a lot easier than being transgender in real life. The world of Love Doll won't have so much criticism about this.


We strongly believe in respect and acceptance for everyone, which is why BetterLoveDoll is an open, inclusive space, welcoming various personalities and aesthetic styles. The design philosophy behind these tgirl sex dolls embraces diverse gender identities and expressions, enabling you to find a genuine reflection of yourself.


This lifelike ladyboy love doll offers a distinct visual appeal and endless sexual possibilities. You can engage with her vagina, anus, and mouth, or alternatively, allow the trans-sex doll's penis to penetrate your anus or vagina. The interchangeable roles allow for a myriad of sexual positions, ensuring a memorable and versatile experience with BetterLoveDoll's tranny sex dolls. If you are a fan of Futanari Monster or futanari Japanese manga, then hurry up and our Shemale Sex Doll collection is sure to fulfill all your fantasies.

Granny Sex Doll

No woman can stay young forever, but they will not lose all their charm as they age.You can’t deny that an experienced Grandmother is sexy. If you like older women, These realistic granny love dolls are your best bet. GILF Sex Doll fulfills all your fantasies about older women.

We love Granny Sex Doll for more than sex, right? There are a lot of MILF sex dolls or mature sex dolls to choose from, but we like these slightly older female dolls. Because Granny Sex Dolls evoke nostalgia and comfort. They make excellent companions, ideal for collectors seeking nostalgia or home companionship. Whether you yearn for the warmth and love of a grandmother or seek a companion for your later years without controversy about age, Granny Love Dolls are the perfect choice.

These GILF sex dolls are crafted from medical-grade silicone or TPE, ensuring excellent durability and flexibility. Additionally, they feature an advanced, flexible, and durable stainless steel skeleton. There's no need to worry about them getting damaged in a short period; with proper maintenance, their lifespan extends beyond 5 years.

Be bold and choose these Granny/GILF Sex Dolls and enjoy all the warmth and fun!

Hatsune Miku Sex Doll

Step into a realm where the ethereal meets the tangible with our Miku Sex Toys. Drawing inspiration from the Vocaloid sensation, these dolls embody the essence of a woman adorned with long, turquoise twin tails. Powered by Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 2, Vocaloid 3, and Vocaloid 4 singing synthesizing technologies, these dolls encapsulate the spirit of Hatsune Miku in every curve and contour.

Embrace the future with our dolls, crafted using advanced 3D scanning and real data mold opening techniques. The result is hyper-realistic detailing, from skin textures to blood vessels, ensuring an experience that captivates the senses and fulfills your deepest desires.

Immerse yourself in realism with the use of high-end materials like silicone and TPE. These materials provide a lifelike texture that mirrors the warmth and softness of human skin, inviting you to explore the intricacies of super-soft boobs and butts with unparalleled authenticity.

Experience the epitome of pleasure with the dolls' movable stainless skeleton, designed to accommodate various sex positions while ensuring stability. Whether seeking passion or companionship, our Hatsune Miku Sex Toys offer a dynamic and satisfying encounter.

In the embrace of Miku Love Dolls, we invite you to discover a world where desire meets innovation. Elevate your senses and redefine intimacy with dolls that embody the very essence of Vocaloid beauty, inviting you to explore realms of pleasure that transcend the ordinary.

The Best 10 Most Realistic Sex Dolls

The most realistic sex dolls, also known as super realistic or ultra realistic sex dolls, possess several key characteristics:

1. Crafted from silicone, these dolls excel in mimicking human features and textures, surpassing TPE counterparts in realism.
2. Their skin textures, especially those replicated through detailed scans of real skin, are remarkably lifelike, showcasing fine wrinkles, goosebumps, and pores.
3. Authenticity is heightened in dolls replicated from real individuals through 3D scanning or silicone coating, as opposed to those with simplistic designs.
4. Expert makeup application by skilled artists ensures that these dolls exhibit lifelike facial and body features, mirroring real human appearance. Of course, most high-end brands such as
reallady, fanreal, zelex, irontech, sinodoll, starpery, etc. can now achieve this.
5. The inclusion of a real oral structure, or ROS function, enhances the realism, providing a genuine mouthfeel.
6. Enhanced softness in key areas such as breasts, belly, buttocks, and vagina adds to the realism and comfort, commonly found in high-end brands.
7. Equipped with a yoga skeleton, these dolls boast a high level of articulation, closely resembling human movement capabilities. 
8. While AI integration is still in development, advancements such as Coeros' AI speaker aim to enhance the interactive experience. 

In conclusion, for the most authentic experience, choose sex dolls that meet these criteria, ensuring a confident purchase.

AI Head Sex Doll

Can love dolls have a soul?

Previously, this might have been confined to science fiction movies. But now, the emergence of ChatGPT gives us hope. Manufacturer Coeros has collaborated with several doll brands to develop doll heads with AI voice capabilities based on ChatGPT.

Charm Points of AI Speakers Head

The allure of AI speakers lies not just in providing information but also in expressing emotions and personality through conversations with users. With their unique character, real-time responses, and cloud collaboration, they are pioneers in future entertainment.

Variety of Character Settings:
AI speakers come with six different male and female characters that users can select based on their preferences. This gives your love doll a unique personality and story, making conversations more engaging.

Innocent Partner, Sassy Girl, Female Same-sex Partner, Male Same-sex Partner, Elf Princess, Intellectual Lady. Each character has preset scenarios. I highly recommend exploring the character settings and interacting with the characters in their storylines.

Integration with Smartphone Apps:
AI speakers connect via Bluetooth to smartphone apps, providing responses based on the speaker's character settings. You can engage in conversations with multiple characters and enjoy dialogue through the app.

Diversity in Personalities and Future Prospects:
Currently offering six characters, there might be a future addition of character creation features. This is aimed at allowing you to spend time with a wider range of characters.

Real-time Responsiveness:
Designed specifically for adult doll owners, it offers engaging and relevant interactions. The AI speaker responds in real-time to the user's voice, providing immediate responses, giving you a feeling of conversing with a real woman.

Retained Conversation History:
The conversation history is preserved within the app for later review. This allows you to deepen communication while revisiting past interactions.

Aibei Doll

Aibei Doll is a highly popular Chinese sex doll manufacturer specializing in the production of TPE love dolls and silicone head hybrid sex dolls. Established in 2017, they produce high-quality and affordable dolls with many Thick & Busty bodies. They initially started as a sex doll OEM factory but have grown rapidly, offering a diverse range of love dolls. From realistic Asian sex dolls, lifelike ebony sex dolls, and lifelike Caucasian sex dolls to elf sex dolls with customizable skin tones, you can find your true love.

They also have stock sex dolls in the USA and Europe, allowing for faster delivery to your home, ensuring unparalleled pleasure!

Aibei Doll has established a deep partnership with BetterLoveDoll, where you can get your favorite love dolls at discounted prices. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent value, you can trust that your investment in BetterLoveDoll Aibei dolls will bring you years of happiness and fulfillment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own high-quality sex dolls. Visit our website now to explore our wide selection.

XT Doll

XT Doll, formerly known as XY Doll, is a Chinese sex doll manufacturer specializing in the production of full silicone dolls as well as hybrid dolls (silicone heads with TPE bodies). In 2023, they underwent a change in ownership and officially rebranded as XT Doll. They innovated and upgraded their existing doll craftsmanship and technology, making their dolls even more realistic and lifelike, providing a better sexual experience.

Why Choose XT Sex Dolls?

Secure Packaging, Perfect Delivery

Transporting sex dolls has always been a challenge. Some love dolls have been damaged due to improper transportation. The XT team recognized the importance of packaging and improved it, using foam materials to better protect the dolls.

Super Weight Reduction Technology

Compared to other brands, XT Doll's super weight reduction technology is far ahead of its peers. Their dolls are lighter in weight while maintaining good softness.

Zero Backward Thrust Vagina

The vagina of a love doll is a relatively closed space. When you insert, the internal pressure gives your penis resistance, preventing you from fully enjoying sexual pleasure. XT Doll noticed this subtle issue and developed a new technology called "Zero Backward Thrust Vagina." Although the name is somewhat misleading (it can only reduce backward thrust rather than eliminate it), it significantly enhances the experience. In this technology, XT Dolls achieve this by connecting the anus and vagina openings, releasing pressure through another unused opening.

Interactive Feedback Legs

When you have sex with your sex doll, ordinary sex dolls do not react to your impacts due to the design of the skeleton hinges. However, interactive feedback legs respond to your actions. They will shake at the same frequency as your thrusts, enhancing the sexual experience.

Explore the ultimate in pleasure with XT Dolls, available now on BetterLoveDoll! Elevate your intimate experiences with our innovative sex dolls featuring cutting-edge technology and lifelike realism. Don't miss out – bring your fantasies to life today! Shop now and experience the XT Doll difference.

Vampire Sex Doll

Vampire sex dolls refer to sex dolls that have a vampire-like appearance, with pale complexion, crimson lips, and a sinister gaze. They possess a peculiar allure and sexual tension, with a typical representative being Lady Dimitrescu. Would you like to experience the exhilaration of her sharp fangs piercing your neck?

With her by your side, the ultimate sexual experience intertwined with blood and desire is no longer a fantasy.

Blonde Sex Doll

If you’re looking for a beauty blonde hair woman to spend some time with, look no further than these sexy blonde sex dolls.

Blonde sexy girls have always been sought after by men. They are full of elegant and sexy charm. There are many sexy blonde celebrities in the real world that make men yearn for them day and night. Some famous names include Marilyn, Grace, Brigitte, Scarlett and Gwyneth, among others.

The blond sex doll makes having a sexy blonde partner a reality. Whether you want a european sex doll, a celeb sex dolls, or a variety of sex dolls, you will be able to find one to arouse you and meet your perfect ideal. These Sex dolls with blonde hair are ready to have all kinds of fun with you. You can choose to have your favorite love doll implanted with real blonde hair. When her silky blonde hair passes through your fingers, your joy is beyond words.

These blonde haired love dolls have smooth round buttocks, lovely waists, and firm, squeezable breasts. They are fully customizable, so you can choose coloring, size, and style for your doll, while keeping that gorgeous golden hair. They use medical-grade silicone Or made of TPE, safe and non-toxic, you can date them with confidence. Pick one out today and whisk her away!