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US In Stock - Zelex SLE Collection, 163cm (5’4”), E-Cup, Full Silicone, Tan Skin, Head ZXE201_1

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Movable Jaw Head Fixed vagina Standing Feet Exp Skeleton Articulated Fingers Hard Hand Movable Eyes New Gel Breasts New Soft Gel Butt Human-like Body Painting Reduce Weight Random Lingerie

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While silicone love dolls typically feature a more realistic and attractive appearance, this often comes at the cost of softness. However, the ZELEX SLE series breaks this rule. After years of research and innovation, ZELEX has developed a unique SLE (Safety Less-vinyl Elastomer) material that makes silicone love dolls softer and safer. This material ensures the dolls' quality and realistic details, providing you with an unparalleled sexual experience.

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