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EU In Stock - 165cm/5ft5 A-Cup Beautiful TPE Sex Doll

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Random Second Head Gel Breast Evo Skeleton Standing Feet Fixed Vagina

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Details & Recommendations

Best recommendation from betterlovedoll:

Body &: Skeleton:

Her body proportions, as you see, mimic those of a petite asian lolita... But yeah, she's not your average asian girl, except when you see her bubble-butt. Her butt is a lot more rigid and solid. Her torso on the other hand, feels very natural and wiggles.

She has a lot of articulation points, even "shrugging shoulders" by default and tilting neck. You can pose her any way you want if you have taken your carbs for breakfast.

LHP & Vagina Details:

Check out this LHP and beatiful labia. She was in fact a true virgin, all of her holes were uncorrupted. Deep enough yes, but tight.

The texture is realistic. Her vulva fold starts where it should but not her clitorial hood piece. To say the truth, using your fingers down there and attacking the g-spot feels like what a real woman is supposed to feel like.

TPE Smell:

Almost no smell at all amazing. Very minimum fragrance and after almost two weeks you don't feel it anymore.


She is not very heavy compared to a BBW sex doll. Gotta get used to move around a body that doesn't "hold" you or helps you.

Porn Sex:

And when you spread her legs in a 90º angle, her holes open up for you in an inviting fashion that for those of you packing a huge caliber (in diameter) will be much more comfortable, or else she will just "spit" you, or just squeeze you too much.

We recommend this doll as your first doll because it is not very heavy and is very realistic.