If you are a first-time buyer of sex dolls be wary of fraud:

The most common form of fraud is the sale of counterfeit products:

An example of a suspicious purchase would be a $300-600 WM sex dolls sold on Ebay or AliExpress, among other similar sites. Usually, WM doll images are taken without consent from WM doll and used to promote dolls that are counterfeit.

These products are very inferior in quality and have not obtained any certification (GE/FDA/ROSH, etc.)

They usually have a strong odor and can be harmful to the human body due to the chemicals used in production.

They look crude, lack any attention to detail, and will normally have small imperfections on the fingers and toes. Also, as they are produced cheaply, the skeleton structure is weak and flimsy. Often a hose skeleton is used which is so poor in quality that your doll can be left in a comical state after use. See image below:

How to avoid buying fakes?

Betterlovedoll offers 5 pieces of advice:

Firstly, look at the price: Generally speaking, most of the well-known brands that sell life-size sex dolls 150cm and above will not sell less than 1000 US dollars. A small number of good quality, non-famous brands might sell lower than this amount, but they do not go under 650 US dollars. So, if you find a sex doll that sells for less than $600 and is 150cm or taller, 99% of the time it is a fake ! For some mini sex dolls, such as 100cm, or even 60CM sex dolls, the price can range from 300-500 US dollars. But, we recommend you check the policy of your country or region when buying mini sex dolls. For most regions, sex dolls below 125cm are viewed as young child pornography. For this reason, Betterlovedoll does not sell dolls under 125CM in size.(Except for extremely special scaled-down mature sex dolls)

Secondly, buy branded sex dolls and consult with a brand's representative through the TDF. Most of the well-known sex doll brands are at the TDF. If you can, we recommend you head there and view the full list of legitimate sex doll companies. In the event you wish to purchase a product at the TDF, you can communicate with the brand's staff and ask if their store is an authorized distributor of that product. On the other hand, if signing up for the forum is too much of a hassle, head to celesdolls.com, as it effectively is the same thing.

Thirdly, check whether the website has 24-hour customer service and a support phone service. Ask questions ! and see if they can reply to you professionally and promptly.

Fourthly, check whether their website looks legit and whether or not they have authorization from the brands they sell to be their distributer. Also, you can review the company's mission statement, shipping, return and exchange policy, as well as see if their reviews seem real or fake. On that note, we apologize ! Although our team has over 4 years of experience within the industry, Betterlovedoll's website was only launched in October 2022 and lacks reviews.

Fifthly, see what people are saying ! Go to review sites like Trustpolit to see if there are good reviews. Head to Google and search for discussions about the store or brand. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, that would be hard to do with us as we our site is so new.

In addition to counterfeit products, the sex doll industry has a smaller but more terrible phenomenon of fraudulent behavior called scamming. Scamming occurs when you pay money, but you don't receive anything.

How can you avoid being scammed?

Look closely at the website. If you encounter the following situations purchase with caution:

1 - Scamming websites are very rudimentary, and the information displayed seems sketchy, incomplete, and often full of contradiction.

2 - Low prices ! Prices so low that competing websites are clearly undercut.

3 - No customer service options such as online chat.

4 - They offer payment options that are unfamiliar to you such as bank transfers. (Both credit card and PayPal payments can be refunded, so scammers typically don't usually use them)

If you still have any questions regarding fraud you can always contact us. Betterlovedoll will be happy to help you.