Here you can view some recent sex doll factory pictures from betterlovedoll. They are the most original, completely without any PS pictures.

When the sex doll you ordered is finished, the worker will take a set of pictures and send it to us. After we check, the sex doll will be boxed and sent to you. (If you need, we can send you factory pictures for confirmation)

The pictures of the factory are taken by workers. They were poorly photographed and the sex dolls weren't well groomed so they didn't look that good. The real look of a sex doll is somewhere between a factory picture and a photographer's picture, so don't be intimidated by the factory picture. (Bettersexdoll was renamed Betterlovedoll in April 2023. Some of the photos below were taken before the name change, so the billboard in the photos shows Bettersexdoll instead of Betterlovedoll.)