As an important companion in our lives, the true value of a good sex dolls cannot be measured by simply just money. With that being said, Betterlovedoll still hopes to offer you the best value doll possible ! To this end, we promise that if you find the same product elsewhere selling for a lower price than us we will refund the difference or give you a full refund.


The following situations are not covered by our refund policy:

1 - If you find the same product as the one purchased on our website selling at a lower price, but it is not genuine, you will not be eligible for a refund. ( Please note: The vast majority of products sold on eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba, DHGATE, etc. are fake. )

2 - If your purchase has been heavily discounted, for whatever reason, or if the items purchased have been discounted due to quality defects. ( Normally, such heavily discounted products are manufactured on the cheap and have numerous quality problems )  

3 - Products purchased with a special discount such as discounts earned due to long-term membership credits or discounts for writing positive reviews, etc., Special offers during special periods such as store anniversaries, Black Friday, etc., are also not covered by our refund policy.

4 - If you find a lower selling doll, that doll needs to be the same model number, the same size, and have the same features as the one selling on our website. Also, shipping methods need to be compared and matched.

If you find a better deal after purchase, please fill out the form below to request reimbursement or a full refund: