As an important companion in our lives, sex dolls deserve the time to be carefully chosen by its future owner. Betterlovedoll wants to help you with this ! In addition to offering recommendations and suggestions based on our years of experience working with top brands, we also do our utmost to provide you with the best purchase protections policies available. All sex dolls you buy at Betterlovedoll will receive the following guarantees:

1.Guarantee of Authenticity: 

All sex dolls sold by Betterlovedoll come from legitimate factories and brands. We do not promote or sell fakes ! All dolls are backed with an authorization letter granted to us by each of the brands we work with. All WM products we sell are recognized by WM's anti-counterfeiting verification.

2.Quality Assurance: 

In the sex doll industry, there are many ugly and inferior products. When these dolls are wrapped in beautiful clothes and carefully photographed and retouched by photographers and graphic designers, all the flaws are covered up and they look very beautiful. But when you receive the product, open the packaging, and the doll is completely exposed in front of you, you will be completely disappointed with her.

For example:

1.This sex doll has super strange hips, inhuman waist and hip lines, and the bizarre body destroys all beauty.

2.The sex doll’s rib, waist, and abdomen details are made arbitrarily by the workers, who have no knowledge of human anatomy. The casually made body looks particularly fake, and I would rather have nothing than something fake.

3.The doll’s body is flat, with details that are almost non-existent. It looks like several cylinders are randomly combined together, lacking a sense of reality.

4.If you buy a product for less than $450 on eBay or AliExpress, the product you receive may look like this:

The manufacturer used hoses as the sex doll’s skeleton to save costs. There is nothing worse than buying such a product.

Betterlovedoll is a perfectionist and we refuse to sell any of the above products.

Our founding team has over 4 years of experience in the sex doll industry. Within that time, we have become familiar with almost all the different factories and brands in this space. We only work with brands that consistently produce good quality products, and we only recommend and promote brands that offer the best value for the buck. Of course, each product is also always personally inspected by us before being shipped this. This way help ensure that every product received is perfect.

3.Price Guarantee: 

We want to offer you the best value deals ! So, if you find the same product on another website that sells for less, we are willing to compensate you the difference, or you can opt for a full refund ! See our Price Guarantee Policy for details.

4.Money Back Guarantee:

We support a 30 days guaranteed refund. After receiving the goods, if you regret or simply not satisfied with your purchase, or if you find quality issues, as long as it is within 30 days, you can apply for a full refund ( Make sure that the doll is not used ) Note: If you apply for a refund before the items are shipped out, we can directly refund you in full quickly. If you apply for refund after receiving the items, you will need to mail the goods back to our warehouse first. After the items are receive you will be refunded. Also, please note, the shipping cost for sending back the items are fully borne by you. Please check our Return and Refund Policy page for details.