When there is an issue with your order, we will do our best to provide you with after-sales service. Here is our Compensation Policy for After-Sales Problems:

I. Transportation:

1. If the delivery time for the love dolls you purchased exceeds 50 business days, we will provide a full refund and send you the doll for free.

※The following special circumstances do not follow the above time limits:

①If the product has special features such as electric buttocks, oral sex, hair transplant, etc., or if there are special requirements for the doll's functions that lead to a longer production time, we need to agree on the delivery time separately. If some functions require additional payment or confirmation from the customer before production, the compensation time will be calculated from the completion of the confirmation.

②If the product is shipped from China but due to special holidays or factory scheduling, the production time is significantly extended.

③If the product is shipped from China, and it is a special brand such as Elsa Babe, Fanreal, etc., the production time is extremely long.

④The maximum delivery time for the US warehouse is 10 days, and the compensation time is 20 days. The maximum delivery time for European and Canadian warehouses is 15 days, and the compensation time is 30 days. If the overseas warehouse is out of stock, we will promptly contact the customer within 2 days after the order is placed, and the compensation time will be calculated from the final confirmation time of the order.

2. If the customer cannot receive the product due to non-responsibility issues such as customs clearance, lost items during express delivery, etc., the customer can choose a full refund or a free replacement product.

3. In case of wrong product delivery, please contact us by taking photos or videos within 24 hours after receiving the product, and send the product to our designated location. We will compensate for the postage and send the correct product. We will agree on a compensation time with you. If it exceeds this time, we will refund the payment for this product.

4. If the product is damaged during transportation, we will check the product before shipment and keep a confirmation photo before shipment. However, if the product is obviously dirty or damaged when the customer receives it, the compensation will be based on the degree of damage. You need to contact us by taking photos or videos within 24 hours after receiving the product, and the compensation range is $10-100, excluding major damages. If there is major damage, such as serious skin damage, limb or other body parts fracture, etc., we will provide a full refund or resend the product depending on the severity.

5. If the recipient fails to clear customs or pick up the product after multiple contacts and notifications, resulting in the product being returned or lost, we will not be responsible for any liability.

6. If the address or contact information provided by the customer is incorrect, and after multiple attempts to contact and notify the customer, the customer still does not respond, resulting in an extended delivery time, lost items, or delivery failure, we will not be responsible for any liability.

II. Product quality and defects:

1. If there is significant damage to the product that is not caused by human factors, such as the fracture of the main bones (trunk, thighs, etc.) or extensive cracking of the skin due to material or quality problems, we will provide compensation at half or full price depending on the severity of the damage. Certain special functions (such as heating, electrically powered buttocks, electrically powered fellatio, suction, etc.) are not covered.

2. If customers discover minor damages during the unpacking process after delivery, such as broken eyebrows or nails (excluding detached nails or eyelashes), smeared makeup, minor skin cracks, or protruding fingers, compensation will range from $10 to $100. In case of significant damage, full compensation or replacement will be provided. In case of mismatched or missing options or functions, compensation will be made at twice the amount of the mismatched or missing option, with a minimum payout of $10. Unpacking must be done within 7 days of delivery and photographic or video evidence must be provided.