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1. Crafting Your Comfort with Care.

My name is David. five years ago, I was alone in a city far away from my hometown, confused and helpless, and lacking in sex life. Sex dolls brought me comfort when I was at my loneliest and ultimately changed my life! Now I am the owner of Betterlovedoll, hoping to help people like me around the world.

I want to be friends with all sex doll lovers. I don't care if everyone buys products here, as long as you have any questions about sex dolls, you can come to me and I will try my best to help you as long as I can.

At the Betterlovedoll store, we hope to provide you with more details and help:

For example: We checked all product review posts on TDF and compiled real reviews from experts. We will directly quote some classic evaluation contents and put them together with real pictures into the corresponding product introduction. About 1/3 of the products on our website have real expert reviews.

When it comes to customizing your sex doll options, we try to be as concise as possible while also trying to explain them in detail. For example, we will hide some options, but if you need, you can click to expand them at any time. For another example, some options may conflict with each other. We will mark them clearly and tell you the reasons in detail. Furthermore: some options are not explained in advance by the factory. They will only inform you when they encounter problems. We will collect these problems regularly and update them on the website in a timely manner.

In addition, we will collect everyone's needs, make detailed forms, and regularly summarize and provide feedback to the factory. For factories with a high degree of cooperation, we may work together to develop products and functions in the future. For factories that are unwilling to improve, we will gradually reduce cooperation.

We may not be able to make great innovations, but we will slowly do some trivial things well.

Finally, for customers who want to buy sex dolls at betterlovedoll, my aim is not to waste every minute and every penny of the customer. Therefore, we provide the most sophisticated video inspection service and hassle free return service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

2. In Recognition By Authoritative Figures And Media

Truly Understands Users' Pre- And Post-Purchase Needs And Feelings

Having been involved in the adult products and industry for years, I've witnessed countless shops that overlook the genuine needs and experiences of their customers. However, BetterLoveDoll is a clear exception. Their commitment to meticulous customer service sets them apart, complemented by their robust partnerships with top brands. It's refreshing to see a company truly prioritize customer satisfaction in such a personal and sensitive market.

Jacob Bager

Co-Founder Of BEDBIBLE

Best Affordable Option

Better Love Doll stands out in the sex doll industry for its unbeatable prices and customer-friendly policies. Unlike many competitors, they offer a genuine return policy, giving customers peace of mind. While they may have fewer options for customization, their affordable prices and hassle-free returns make them a top choice for smart shoppers.

Tim Barclay, PhD

Team Lead At innerbody

The Top Choice For Price, Quality, And Service

I've experienced the Starpery Wayne doll from BetterLoveDoll, and I'm extremely satisfied. The attention to detail on the skin and facial features is remarkable. Plus, Nappy's expertise in sex doll production and craftsmanship is invaluable. Their patience and dedication are truly rare in this industry.

Isabelle Uren

Site Manager Of LOVEFREUND

A Reputation That Speaks For Itself

As the longest-standing Sex Doll forum, we've seen countless websites and brands over the years. BetterLoveDoll's rise to prominence is undeniable, thanks to David's patient and meticulous approach to customer service. We're proud to align ourselves with websites and brands that truly prioritize quality products and user service.

TheDollForum Team


Experiencing BetterLoveDoll's Service Firsthand

I once pretended to be a regular customer and bought a product from BetterLoveDoll. Their exceptional post-sale service left a lasting impression on me. I've never encountered a website that was so patient in answering my questions. Moreover, communicating with Nappy always feels like a breeze.


Co-Founder Of PORNDUDE

4.Hear It from Our Customers: Why They Love Us!

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Understanding Silicone Sex Doll

In-Depth Exploration of Silicone Sex Dolls and Their Advantages Over TPE Dolls.


Advantage 1


Greater authenticity and aesthetics.

  • Silicone has a higher density, hardness, and rigidity compared to TPE, making it easier to mold, allowing even the smallest details to be captured and appear very realistic. TPE is softer with greater elasticity, making it harder to maintain shape, thus many fine details cannot be presented. For instance, carving from wood versus sponge might illustrate this point clearer: Wood carvings can capture details much more accurately and realistically, while carving from a sponge can only achieve rough shapes with extreme difficulty in detailing.
  • Silicone products secrete less oil, allowing for richer coloring; they do not melt under high temperatures (up to 200°C), and thus, after painting, the makeup can be baked on, preventing the color from easily fading. The overall effect after painting is almost identical to real life. In contrast, TPE is far inferior, unable to withstand temperatures above 85°C, thus baking makeup is not an option, and the makeup is prone to fading. Moreover, with more oil secretion, the choice of makeup materials is limited, resulting in a relatively ordinary appearance.

Advantage 2


Longer lifespan

  • Generally, TPE is more degradable and secretes more oil than silicone, leading to a significantly shorter lifespan for TPE dolls compared to silicone dolls. Silicone dolls have a lifespan of about 3-5 years, and with high-quality manufacturing and careful maintenance, this can extend to 10 years. However, the lifespan of TPE dolls is often only half that of silicone dolls.

Advantage 3


Cleaner and more hygienic

  • TPE material melts at high temperatures, allowing for the recycling of waste material, which some low-quality factories may use to produce new dolls, potentially harmful to humans and often with a pungent odor. Silicone products do not melt at high temperatures, almost impossible to remold, ensuring that new silicone products are 100% made from new silicone material. The materials used for producing dolls are medical or food-grade silicone, posing no harm to the human body and odorless.

Advantage 4


Lighter weight.

  • Although silicone has a greater density than TPE, its characteristic of solidifying at room temperature allows for easier incorporation of foaming materials to reduce weight. All silicone dolls now standardly include foaming materials for weight reduction, making silicone dolls lighter than TPE dolls of the same height and build. Additionally, users can choose ultra-lightweight products for an even lighter doll.

Advantage 5


Silicone products secrete less oil

  • Allowing for richer coloring; they do not melt
    under high temperatures (up to 200°C), and thus, after
    painting, the makeup can be baked on, preventing the color from easily fading.
    The overall effect after painting is almost identical to real life. In
    contrast, TPE is far inferior, unable to withstand temperatures above 85°C, thus baking makeup
    is not an option, and the makeup is prone to fading. Moreover, with more oil
    secretion, the choice of makeup materials is limited, resulting in a relatively
    ordinary appearance.

Recommended Silicone Doll Brands

Fanreal is the world's top silicone sex doll brand. It has three characteristics:

1. The product is super realistic. The body details and painting are completely imitated by the fine characterization of real people. They have done a good job in many details that top brands have not noticed, such as the vertebrae. It can be seen from their brand name that what they pursue is real.

2. The skin feels perfect. Among many brand products, only Fanreal's dolls feel the most comfortable, just like touching real human skin. For many people who are new to sex dolls, they want to wash their hands immediately after touching the doll, because the doll has more or less grease on it. But when you touch Fanreal's products, you feel like you are touching a real person, which makes you unable to put it down.

3. What you see is what you get. In the sex doll industry, many newbies pay for beautiful promotional pictures and then get refunds for ugly factory pictures. Fanreal is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can achieve almost no difference between promotional pictures and actual products. Whatever product you see is what you get!

Top silicone sex doll brand with the best busty sex dolls, black sex dolls, male sex dolls.

1. The best choice for silicone plump sex dolls. Among the top silicone brands, only Irontech has a variety of plump sex dolls with attractive curves. Irontech's dolls usually have huge breasts, plump butts and tempting thighs, while almost all other brands of silicone sex dolls are slim or skinny. Obviously, in terms of allure, irontech wins. At the same time, irontech has a super-softening function. You can choose to super-soften the doll’s buttocks, abdomen, etc., so that you can more realistically experience the attractive body of a plump beauty.

2. The best choice of black sex dolls. Since the TPE era, Irontech has focused on designing black sex dolls with authentic black features. They have been successful and have several products that are loved by black brothers, such as Jane. In the age of silicone, Irontech remains the same, and silicone black sex dolls are still the best in the entire industry.

3. The best choice for silicone sex dolls for gay men. There is no doubt that Irontech not only has the best male silicone sex dolls in the industry, but also offers people the largest selection of male sex dolls.

The most innovative sex doll brand. An impressive collection of supermodel sex dolls.

1. Zelex products always give people a sense of high-end, like a supermodel worth a million dollars. If you like this type, there is no doubt that you should choose zelex.

2. Zelex is the most innovative brand in the sex doll industry. ROS oral cavity, SLE materials, etc. are all zelex's masterpieces that have changed the industry.

Understanding TPE Sex Doll

In-Depth Exploration of TPE Sex Dolls and Their Advantages Over Silicone Dolls.

Advantage 1



  • The most significant advantage of TPE dolls over silicone dolls is their affordability. Generally, TPE products from the same brand tier are about half the price of their silicone counterparts. For instance, top-tier silicone products are $4,000, while top-tier TPE products are $2,000; mid-to-high-end silicone products are $2,300, with their TPE equivalents at $1,300; low-end silicone products are $1,600, compared to $800 for TPE dolls. TPE's lower cost is due to cheaper materials, widespread manufacturing processes, and the ease of repairing defects, making it more competitive than silicone. This results in a far lower price point, offering excellent value for money, particularly suitable for beginners.

Advantage 2


Softness and enhanced usability.

  • TPE is softer than the majority of silicone materials, enhancing the user experience, especially during physical interactions involving the doll's buttocks and vaginal areas. In contrast, using hard silicone sex dolls might lead to thigh pain after passionate use.

Advantage 3


Superior elasticity and tear resistance.

  • TPE's elasticity and stretchability allow dolls to withstand more extensive and vigorous actions, such as keeping the legs spread at 180° for extended periods. Silicone dolls might easily tear under similar conditions, but TPE dolls can handle such stress with ease.

Advantage 4


Easy to repair.

  • TPE's characteristic to melt under high temperatures allows for easy repairs of issues like tears or peeling. A heat gun can melt TPE patches over the damaged area, spreading the melted TPE evenly until the surface is smooth and seamless again, followed by cooling to solidify.

Advantage 5


Relatively environmentally friendly.

  • TPE's biodegradability surpasses that of silicone, making it a more eco-friendly option.


Recommended TPE Doll Brands

A rising star, the best and most representative TPE sex doll brand in 2022-2024. Before 2022, when it comes to TPE sex dolls, the first brand that everyone thinks of will always be WM doll, but now, many people may vote for funwestdoll. The first impression funwestdoll gives everyone is that they make their TPE products look like silicone sex dolls. The second impression is the exquisite cosplay style, which is deeply loved by anime and game fans. These two points reflect the progressiveness and trendiness of funwestdoll, and it is obviously different from all the old TPE sex doll brands!

Trustworthy quality, rich and sexy body shape, acceptable price 1.6YE is an old and well-known TPE sex doll brand. They have a good reputation and their quality is completely trustworthy.

2. Their long history, insistence on originality, and sensitive user perception have enabled them to create and accumulate a number of very charming sex doll bodies. 6YE's body is very distinctive, such as the small breasts that tilt upward, the breasts that hang naturally to both sides, the slender waist and plump buttocks (the contrast is obvious but too natural), etc. These are all 6YE's original creations.

3. A well-established and well-known brand with reliable quality and many attractive body shapes, but with sufficient price advantages. This is the core reason why I recommend 6YE. I believe 6YE is a buried brand. It lacks attention just because the photos are not attractive enough, but their quality, product style and details can definitely put it on the same level as WMdoll.

WM is the most famous Chinese sex doll brand and the most famous and popular TPE brand in the world. So no need to say more.