Welcome to Betterlovedoll, where we are committed to making improvements throughout the entire sex doll industry. Our name reflects our core values of creating better products and driving continuous improvement. As a seasoned doll entrepreneur with over four years of experience, I have served nearly 2,000 satisfied customers and advised almost 10,000 individuals interested in all things doll-related. Having visited more than 40 factories, I have helped top manufacturers in the industry increase their sales.

Originally established as Bettersexdoll in August 2022, we have recently undergone a comprehensive rebranding as Betterlovedoll. We have revamped our products and website layout, all with a focus on delivering a better customer experience. We are proud to announce that our newly improved website is now live!

As doll enthusiasts, we have conducted extensive research on two major topics: product characteristics and transportation. Our studies have covered various issues that currently plague buyers and sellers in the sex doll industry. These include weight, joint stiffness, body oiliness, color dye, tear resistance, fading makeup, single-faced expressions, overly mechanical-sounding voice boxes, lower body positioning issues, heat resistance issues, and high and non-transparent pricing with vast differences in cost between manufacturers.

Additionally, we've looked at transportation-related issues like high costs, long lead times, and import policies and laws. Our research has given us a better understanding of customer pain points, allowing us to make improvements in all areas of the industry, including price, service, and product development. 

At Betterlovedoll, our aim is to lead the way in driving improvements throughout the entire sex doll space. By providing better products, better service, and better prices, we are committed to delivering a superior customer experience. Thank you for considering Betterlovedoll as your trusted partner in the sex doll industry.