BetterLoveDoll Caring Discount Plan

Hi, friends. I'm David, the owner of BetterLoveDoll.

I often wonder if the meaning of the existence of love dolls is sex, companionship, photography, medical research, etc. So what is the meaning of my existence? Make some money and die slowly? That seems too bad. But if not, what should it be? I'm just an ordinary love doll shop owner. Change the world's prejudice against love dolls? I have this dream, but obviously I can’t do it right now. So what can I do? What can BetterLoveDoll do? I think there's very little we can do. Make it easier for friends in need to get love dolls. That's the reason why the Caring Discount plan was born.

I admire those ordinary heroes: Teachers who shape the minds of young people, Military personnel who protect our freedom, Medical who heal with compassion, First responders who bravely rush to aid, Seniors over 60 years old who pave the way for future generations, long-haul truck drivers who tirelessly ensure the supply of goods, The sailor who endured loneliness and gave silently, and so on.

I also sympathize with friends in distress: people with disabilities, individuals with emotional disorders, divorced people who are addicted to painful relationships, and so on.

So, we've decided to offer an additional exclusive discount of 13% to all the above types of individuals, making it easier for you to get love dolls. Let love dolls pay tribute to our ordinary heroes and send blessings to friends in distress. Love Dolls are always lovely, life is always bright, and everything will be better, right?

If you would like to apply for Caring Discount, please fill out the form below to contact us.