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Fanreal 155cm Maria’s most detailed unboxing review
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Fanreal 155cm Maria’s most detailed unboxing review

My friend Jay Doll King Hefner has conducted the most detailed review of Fanreal 155cm Maria (scaled-down version). This is Fanreal's first 155cm Maria doll to come out of the factory. He has created a series of YouTube videos about it. I hope they are helpful to everyone.

I'm a little embarrassed, because he has done a lot of promotion for my website. So, if you feel the video is too long, feel free to skip the beginning parts.

When I ordered this doll for Jay, Fanreal had not yet completed the development of the movable jaw for Maria. That's the only regrettable aspect. Otherwise, I believe this video series can provide you with everything you want to know about Fanreal Maria. 

Part 1: Doll Packaging and First Impressions

Part 2: Doll Skin and Softness

Part 3: Doll’s Hands and Feet Details

Part 4: Take a look at Maria's beautiful face. Do you prefer the hard silicone head or the soft silicone head? 😃

Part 5: Doll’s joints and skeleton. Do you prefer tighter joints or looser joints? 🤔


Part 5.5😂: A Small Addition, Waist Twisting and Shoulder Shrugging 🙂 I suspect Doll King will turn this review into a 30-part series. (Just kidding🤣, according to the plan, it has 9 parts)

Part 6: Eye Movement. Truly a perfectly photogenic face.😍

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