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Evas Doll: A Fusion of Technology and Art
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Evas Doll: A Fusion of Technology and Art

In the love doll industry, innovation and quality are the two most sought-after keywords. EvasDoll, an emerging brand, captured attention at the 2024 Shanghai International Adult Lifestyle and Health Expo through these very aspects. Today, we will provide you with a detailed introduction to this new brand, highlighting what makes EvasDoll unique and why it has garnered so much attention in such a short time.

Company Background, Brand Philosophy, and Positioning

EvasDoll was founded on January 9, 2024. The founder of EvasDoll is an experienced enthusiast who left Samsung in 2019 to enter the doll industry, bringing scientific management methods, testing methods, and numerous innovative ideas to the entire industry. He designed and built the world's first 4S-grade sex doll factory—Ren Zhi Chu Factory (an OEM for well-known brands such as XYDoll, Aotume, Shedoll, Beizhiliang, and Mozudoll). Currently, he collaborates with global giants in the sex toy industry to establish the EvasDoll brand, creating the world's first 3D15S factory in the sex doll industry. In just six months, they have introduced a massive number of innovations, starting a new journey.

At the Shanghai International Adult Lifestyle and Health Expo in April 2024, EvasDoll's ultra-soft platinum silicone dolls with realistic skin texture and movable deep throat silicone heads made their debut, becoming the focus of the expo. EvasDoll adheres to the "Super Gap" product strategy, using advanced technology and excellent design to provide high-quality sex dolls that offer the most realistic experience for global customers. Their brand strategy is to make technology accessible and maximize value for customers.

On-Site Investigation and Product Experience

The BetterLoveDoll team visited Evas Doll's production factory to gain a detailed understanding of the product quality and manufacturing process. We took numerous photos and videos to showcase the showroom and the details of the sex dolls. Despite being a new brand, EvasDoll is revolutionizing the sex doll industry. Its innovative design and high-quality manufacturing processes provide users with an unprecedentedly realistic experience.

Product Features, Innovations, and Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

EvasDoll has replicated the most unique vaginal type that only 3% of women in the world possess, using one-to-one replicas of natural beauty's real labia. The uniquely beautiful lower body structure provides an ultra-realistic visual impact, evoking the impulse of first love. Each model has a different labia design, featuring seven unique colors. The internal structure of the vaginal channel replicates the rich granulation found in only 3% of women, providing a 360-degree octopus-like suction experience. It perfectly mimics the natural vaginal contractions and spasms, delivering an orgasmic experience beyond traditional methods.

Self-Lubrication Function

Additionally, EvasDoll has incorporated a self-lubricating feature that replicates the fluid secretion occurring when a woman becomes sexually aroused and reaches climax. This provides the most realistic sexual experience.

Of course, the improvements aren’t just limited to the vagina! There’s also:

The world's first capillary replication!

You can see the capillaries on the doll, just like on a real human body!

Besides the features that can be directly felt, there are also huge improvements in the materials:

The material has been improved to be tear-resistant and ultra-soft, ensuring a longer lifespan and better makeup retention.

  • Ultra-softness & Tear-resistant!

All silicone dolls feature realistic skin texture and exclusive red capillary spray makeup, providing a lifelike wax figure-like beautification.

  • No makeup shedding! (Testing makeup removal with alcohol wipes.)

Special Discounts and Promotions

We will be running a special discount campaign from June 3 to June 30. If you purchase an EvasDoll product during this period, you can choose a second head for free within six months, and even a third head. This special promotion aims to show our gratitude to numerous customers and provide them with more flexibility and diverse options.

EvasDoll continuously evolves, aiming to fuse technology and art. We hope it will continue to be a beloved brand of love dolls among users.

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