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Fanreal Doll Head (You must be an existing Fanreal Doll owner to purchase additional heads separately for collection.)

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Details & Recommendations

Fanreal is dedicated to crafting more beautiful and lifelike doll heads, constantly upgrading and updating their doll heads in terms of appearance, softness, and functionality. Currently, they have launched Maria, Della, Qian, Vivi, Jia with a realistic oral cavity structure and movable jaw.

Here are some displays of heads with an oral cavity and movable jaw.

Lastly, veteran love doll Youtuber Jay Doll King Hefner brings us an unboxing experience of both hard silicone and soft silicone heads. Which do you prefer, a hard silicone head or a soft silicone head? Unfortunately, when he ordered this doll, Fanreal had not yet completed the development of the movable jaw.