Want to give your doll a soul and have free conversations with her/him?

Be one step ahead! Purchase the 6YE Doll or Jiusheng Doll AI chatting love doll head, and explore the fascinating soul of love dolls!!

⏰March 1st - April 30th


Can love dolls have a soul?

Previously, this might have been confined to science fiction movies. But now, the emergence of ChatGPT gives us hope. Manufacturer Coeros has collaborated with several doll brands to develop doll heads with AI voice capabilities based on ChatGPT.

Charm Points of AI Speakers Head

The allure of AI speakers lies not just in providing information but also in expressing emotions and personality through conversations with users. With their unique character, real-time responses, and cloud collaboration, they are pioneers in future entertainment.

Variety of Character Settings:
AI speakers come with six different male and female characters that users can select based on their preferences. This gives your love doll a unique personality and story, making conversations more engaging.

Innocent Partner, Sassy Girl, Female Same-sex Partner, Male Same-sex Partner, Elf Princess, Intellectual Lady. Each character has preset scenarios. I highly recommend exploring the character settings and interacting with the characters in their storylines.

Integration with Smartphone Apps:
AI speakers connect via Bluetooth to smartphone apps, providing responses based on the speaker's character settings. You can engage in conversations with multiple characters and enjoy dialogue through the app.

Diversity in Personalities and Future Prospects:
Currently offering six characters, there might be a future addition of character creation features. This is aimed at allowing you to spend time with a wider range of characters.

Real-time Responsiveness:
Designed specifically for adult doll owners, it offers engaging and relevant interactions. The AI speaker responds in real-time to the user's voice, providing immediate responses, giving you a feeling of conversing with a real woman.

Retained Conversation History:
The conversation history is preserved within the app for later review. This allows you to deepen communication while revisiting past interactions.

AI Speaker Integration with Hello Chat Ultimate Guide

Firstly, download the "Hello Chat - Voice Assistant" app.

If you have an iPhone, download the "Hello Chat - Voice Assistant" app from the App Store.
Hello Chat - Voice Assistant App Store (apple.com)

For Android users, we offer the installation package for the "Hello Chat" software.

Note: The app requires microphone, speech recognition, and mobile data permissions. Without these permissions, it won't function properly.

🔔 Friendly reminder 🔔

In this special event, we'll be offering for free the head with an AI speaker developed in collaboration with the factory and Coeros.
Due to the nature of the product, BetterLoveDoll are not responsible for this gift and do not provide any after-sales services. Your understanding is appreciated.
If you have any issues with the doll itself, please contact service@betterlovedoll.com.

This initiative aims to introduce more customers to our innovative product. We hope the AI speaker head brings new value to your daily life.

For any inquiries or concerns while using the AI speaker, the professional team at Coeros will be more than happy to assist you.
Your satisfaction and positive experience are our goals.

We look forward to hearing your valuable feedback and impressions. Best regards.