So, you finally decided you want to buy a sex doll ! You probably have browsed through a wide variety of dolls and found the one that suits you best - the doll of your dreams !

Suddenly, however, you are overwhelmed by all the customizable options and find yourself confused and questioning yourself. You say, "Do I want standing feet, gel breasts, and attachable vagina?" "So many options, how do I choose?" Your torn between what you want and finding it and hard to decide on anything.

Well, if that is you, take a nice step back and breathe. Here, we will introduce you to the customization options and help you decided on the ones which meets your needs. Please note that customization options may vary slightly depending on the brand.

What Are Customization Options? 

People are demanding more and more from sex dolls. They hope for increasingly realistic dolls that are capable of broader needs. It is the emergence and continual improvement of customization options that allows us to answer those demands. Imagine choosing your favorite configuration for each and every part of your sex doll. How perfect and wildly exhilarating would that be ! The awesome thing is, now you can. Below covers a wide variety of customization options, but note, these options may vary by brand. So, when you decide to buy, check out the specific options for each of the products to learn more.

Outer Body Customization Options:

Wig/hairstyle selection 

Each sex doll comes bald with no hair. This gives the buyer options, allowing you to dress her up with wigs that meet your fantasy. Wigs are easy to change and can be worn and switched out like hats. This means you can experiment and find the look you prefer ! Generally speaking, each brand manufacturer offers over a dozen different wigs. Note, though, problems with inventories occur. Make sure to contact customer service if you are concerned with wig availability.


Skin color refers to the skin color for the whole body, from head to toe. The skin color of the doll is permanent and cannot be changed. Each doll manufacturer has their own branded skin tone, but will also offer a variety of other skin tones as well.

In general, most manufacturers will offer white, natural, healthy tan and dark brown. Note that there may be slight differences in tones between different manufacturers.

Q: A common question, "Why do dolls look different despite having the same skin color?

A: Well, although the skin tone is the same, if the photo was taken in a different environment and under different lighting the results will look different. This and other factors such as shooting techniques and equipment all can make for quite a big difference. Lighting specifically plays a huge role in how a doll looks. Dolls shot in the studio probably will look very different from dolls shot in the factory. ( You can consult customer service to find factory photos in order to get a better understand of the doll's true color ). The PC monitor can also have an influence on appearance. Different monitor resolutions will show a slightly different skin tone. Lastly, the camera. Depending on the quality of the camera used to take the photo, outcomes will vary.


Eye color

A sex doll's eyes are not fixed and can be taken out and replaced at any time. Fine-tuning the size or color of the eyes can bring dramatic change to your doll.


Areola color

The areola is the circular area that surrounds the nipple. The color of the areola is handmade by a professional makeup artist. Choose your favorite color ! In general, we recommend that the areola and labia be the same or similar in color. This makes the doll look more realistic. ( Please note: the shape of the nipple can not be changed ).


Areola size

The areola is a fascinating and intimate part of the human body that stimulates arousal. The areola is colored in manually by a professional makeup artist and can be designed to the desired size and shape. You can customize the size of the areola to your liking ! (Please note: we cannot change the shape of the nipple.)


Labia color

The labia is also colored by hand, and according to customer preference. Experienced makeup artists go to great extent to use skilled techniques to create realistic results. In general, we recommend that you color your labia the same color as the areola.


Nail color (The nail color of both the hands and feet)

Manufacturers install artificial nails on dolls, mostly done by pasting. The color of the nail is made by colored material. This means if you choose pink, for example, the nails will always be pink. It will not wash off. Tip: If you're not sure which nail color you would like, or if you don't have a particular favorite color in the options, we recommend you just select "Natural." This is the closest to the human nail color and makes it convenient for when you dress up your doll in different outfits. You can always add your favorite nail polish on later!


Vagina type

There are two options for the vagina: An "all-in-one (built-in)" option and a "detachable" option.

The one-piece all-in-one vagina is integrated into the doll's body. This means that it is permanently attached and cannot be removed. The upside to this style is that it makes the area more realistic in appearance. On the contrary, the removable vagina can be inserted and removed from the doll's vaginal cavity. This makes it is easy to take out and clean after use and can be replaced if it is damaged.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of vaginas.

(1) Fixed (built-in) vagina

The pros:

  • Looks more real.
  • The interior feels more real (there are chambers inside !)
  • You can control the tightness of the vagina by opening up the legs.
  • You can bathe with your doll and help her clean her private areas.

 The cons:

  • A tall and heavy doll is difficult to move and clean.
  • If you consider reselling in the future then it is not attractive to buyers.
  • Once the vagina is damaged, it is difficult to replace.

(2) The removable vagina

The pros:

  • More hygienic and can be replaced regularly.
  • It is very easy to clean after taking out.
  • After washing, you can connect to a second masturbator without waiting for it to dry.
  • You can choose the vagina that suits your penis size.
  • There are options to install different types of vaginas.

 The cons:

  • Removing the vagina is quite difficult (you will need to get used to swapping them out).
  • More lubricant is required during insertion, they are tighter than fixed vaginas
  • There may be structural gaps caused by not fitting tightly into the doll's body.
  • The vagina may feel like it moves during sex.

At the end of the day, it is your preferences that matters. As for cleaning, after you become familiar with your doll's body, and after some practice, there is not much difference between the two.

Removable vagina display

Pubic hair:

Pubic hair options allow you to choose the doll's pubic hair profile and pubic hair color. (This varies by brand, for more details please check the options for each of the products.) Some people don't like pubic hair. Others feel they can't live without it as it enhances the real experience. There are two ways to add pubic hair: transplanting and pasting. Hair transplantation is done by hand and requires direct implantation into the doll's scalp.

Hair transplant on a silicone head

The silicone head is more exquisite than the TPE head. Hair transplants done on silicone looks better than wearing wigs. In fact, hair transplants done on silicone looks almost identical to a real person head of hair.

This is because the texture of a silicone head is relatively hard and tough, making it ideal for forming and implanting. Each hair strain is implanted one by one into the scalp. The process is, however, time consuming, requiring a lot of patience, and making the cost slightly expensive.

Silicone head hair transplants come in two options: Real hair and synthetic hair. Real hair is real hair purchased from the market. It is washed, disinfected, and embedded into the scalp. Some types of real hair are imported. This increases costs. Synthetic hair is synthesized through a process using various fibers.


Removable tongue/teeth

Regular sex dolls don't come with tongues. Tongues are a customization option. This sexy tongue, depicted in the above image, is compatible with most mouths. The tongue is made of TPE and can make kissing and blowjobs much more pleasurable ! They also make doll expressions richer and cuter.


Added features - customization options

Breasts and boobs

There are three types of breasts available:

  • Standard breasts (regular TPE breasts): This type of chest is filled with the same material as the body. The feel of them is nice, but not excellent. They are, however, very durable.
  • Hollow breasts: Hollow breasts are hollow. The feel of this type of chest is softer and more enjoyable compared to the standard breast. But, they are empty, making durability relatively low.
  • Jelly breasts: With jelly breasts, gel is injected into the breast. Compared to regular breasts, jelly breasts are a lot softer and have better elasticity for shaking. Overall, they are better to touch and more durable.

A special reminder: Hollow breasts and jelly breasts are not suitable for sex dolls with small breasts (A&B cups). Only dolls with large breasts perform well with these two options. Be aware that gel breasts increase the overall weight of the breasts. So, it is best to keep the breasts supported (i.e. with a bra) so that the weight does not cause them to pull/tear and sag.

The standing feature

This is the most popular and common option within the sex doll market. Standing is a necessary feature for taking photos. It also makes it easier for storing and, of course, adjust sex positions ! Customers who are new to sex dolls should definitely experience a standing sex doll. Because soles of the feet are soft and unstable, dolls without a standing feature can only be laid down. If you try to stand a non-standing sex doll on its feet, the weight of the upper body would create downward pressure and damage them. This issue is resolved with a standing doll. Three (very small) metal bolts are added for support and bear the weight. Below is a simple diagram of the metal plates installed inside the doll's feet.

With this support structure, sex dolls can stand independently without the help of any one or any thing. Although soles of the feet will look less natural, the benefits of having a doll which can stand usually outweighs its cons. A friendly reminder: Do not leave your doll standing on its own for a long period of time. It may tip over and get damaged

(If you have a proper supporting frame, standing for long periods of time is okay)

The stand feature is a must for the following use cases:

  • Photography
  • Storage convenience (saves space)
  • Changing clothes (makes changing clothes much easier)
  • Easy cleaning (makes cleaning easier)
  • Mobile doll (*Stands steady on high heels )
  • Standing sex positions etc...

    The stand feature may not be suitable for the following situations:

    • Customers with a foot fetish (because you can see the metal fittings on the soles of your feet).
    • Use when bathing (because water can cause rusting to the metal fittings. Also, water can seep into the body of the doll)

    Of course, there are brands that have recently developed boltless standing - an option where the material of the foot is hardened to support the weight of the doll. This compensates for the flaws in the doll's appearance caused by metal bolts. If feet are important to you, we definitely recommend you give them a try!

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Does adding the standing feature to dolls make their feet bigger or smaller? A: No, there are no changes in the size of the feet.

    Q: Can dolls with this function wear high heels? A: Yes, but if you really want them to stand on their own we recommend only flat shoes. If you use shoes like high heels, it's best to lean the love doll against a stand.

    Q: Which dolls come with the standing feature option? A: All dolls over 100 cm tall can be customized to stand. Half-body dolls do not come with this feature.

    ※※※Please note that if your doll uses bolts for standing, you cannot bathe or immerse her in water. This is because water will easily enter the body and damage the internal frame.


    The skeleton is the foundation of a doll. At present, the most commons skeletons can be divided into three types: Standard skeleton, EVO (Evolution) skeleton, and cartilage. Most manufacturers generally use the standard skeletons and EVO skeletons. As such, we will focus on introducing these two more popular skeletons here.

    (1) Standard skeleton

    Standard skeletons are the most commonly use. All well-known manufacturers work with them. Over the years, the manufacturing process has matured and improvement on inefficiencies has been made. Today the skeletons are completed using a simple steel structure and welding technology. 1. The standard skeleton does not allow your doll to shrug shoulders. 2. Most standard skeletons are slightly rigid; they can only be bent back and forth. 3. The elbows and knees only slightly bent, about 90 degrees.

    (2) EVO skeleton 

    The EVO skeleton is an upgraded standard skeleton. It, too, uses steel construction and welding technology, but uses a more advanced steel structure design. Some brands adda gear structure to this type of skeleton. The added gear structure makes the doll even more flexible.

    1. The upgraded (EVO) skeleton allows for the flexibility of shoulder shrugging. Overall, this skeleton makes the doll more realistic and flexible.

    2. The spine can be tilted front, back, left and right, allowing for more impressive body postures

    3. The legs can be bent into a W shape or can be pinned down to touch the hips.

    Note: There is no unified standard amongst manufacturers for making skeletons. Therefore, different details and characteristics exist amongst the same skeleton model. Take the EVO skeleton, for example, some manufacturers' EVO skeleton only have the flexibility for should shrugging while at others can complete yoga poses.

    Movable shoulder joint/shrug

    Standard sex dolls are not equipped with a movable shoulder skeleton. Shoulders can only do simple back and forth, left and right movements. They don't shrug like a human. A sex doll equipped with a movable shoulder moves much more freely and naturally. This allows for the arm to complete multi-angle movements more fluidly and naturally. This feature makes it easier to dress and undress dolls. In addition, the shoulder is connected to the collarbone, so when you adjust the shoulder you can clearly see the sexy collarbone line. While this upgrade won't necessarily enhance the sexual experience, it's especially popular with clients who love taking pictures of dolls. It is widely acknowledged that dolls with shrugged shoulders can pose for photos in a more "realistic" way.

    Normal knees VS double-hinged knee:

    Inside the body of the sex dolls are complex artificial skeletons that closely replicate the human physique. Thanks to the complexity of the design, a doll's knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrists can move freely with a high degree of freedom. This allows the doll to truly replicate a variety of human-like poses and movements and provides users with a more realistic interactive experience and a greater sense of pleasure.

    Normal knee joints: Under normal conditions, the normal knee joint can bend 45 degrees.

    Double hinged knee joint: Under normal conditions, the double hinged knee joint can be bend to 90 degrees.

    Sex dolls with double-hinged knee joints can pose while sitting upright. The double-hinged knee can also do many other difficult poses (as shown in the image below). Users can enjoy more sex positions, enhancing imagination and sexual pleasure.

    Finger bones

    No matter how realistic a sex doll is, just one look at the fingers usually gives it away as a man-made object. The craftsmanship of the fingers is challenging and full of small details. The finger bones of traditional sex dolls are composed of several stainless-steel wires which do not bent naturally. In 2020, Chinese love doll manufacturers "developed" a new technology called finger skeleton. With this new design, the simulation of a human hand and knuckles is achieved by a combination of three stainless steel rods on one finger. Not only does the overall effect make the hand movements more natural, it also makes them more resistant to breaking and snapping compared to traditional linear fingers. In 2022, WM Doll went a step further and presented to the world their new finger joint design. This new hand features a unique ball joint design with a finger spring structure that enhances joint rotation, finger posture and reduces the possibility of joint breakage.

    This upgrade is great news for doll lovers whose main purpose is photography. Now, you can create natural looking hand gestures by the bending of fingers, as well as give the doll objects to hold.



    Rotating Eyes

    The advantage of movable eyeballs is that it can focus your dolls vision and "attention," adding an additional layer of realism. The eyeballs are easier to adjust than regular eyeballs. Some manufacturers' eyeballs are both movable and designed with blood vessels. This greatly makes the eyeballs even more realistic. When you take a picture of your doll, adjusting her eyeballs and point of vision will give you better results.

    Body makeup / vascular makeup (vascular implantation) / bikini makeup

    In the early days, there were situations where the doll face looked very realistic, but the body lacked life. The skin was too pale and lacked texture. To address this issue, doll artisans breathed life into their creations by developing vascular makeup, covering the outer surface of the doll with makeup that resembled blood vessels. The result was a lifelike body ! But, common questions started to arise such as "If you bathe a sex doll, will the makeup fall off?" The answer, no. Even if you wash the doll's body the vascular makeup will not wash off. That was back then. Today technology has advanced further ---- vascular implantation ! As the name suggests, vascular implantation involves a blood vessel-like material placed under the doll's skin, mimicking the raised blood vessels of humans. Press it a little, it will den just like a normal human blood vessel. Bikini makeup also uses makeup technology to mimic the skin texture of a good suntan. If you like girls with tans, consult customer service or check the options for each product.


    The doll weight problem has always plagued the sex doll community. THE LARGER AND MORE PLUMP A DOLL IS, THE GREATER THE WEIGHT. NOTE: SOME DOLLS EVEN EXCEED 45KG. For the novice sex doll enthusiast, it can be difficult to balance and manage. Weight loss technology has been designed to solve this problem. Manufacturers usually use technical means to minimize the use and need of production material. THIS WILL MAKE THE DOLL LOSE 4-5KG WEIGHT. Currently, weight loss technology can only be applied to dolls with special body types of and is viewed as a customizable option.


    The Heating system

    The body temperate of sex dolls with a heating system are warm and have a similar feel to that of a living human. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable. The heating system creates heat via a high-quality heating wire installed into the body. For safety reasons, all heating equipment operates on low power and voltage. This means for a full charge it takes approximately one hour before the ideal temperature is reached. The body of the doll does not retain heat very well and will cool down relatively quickly. So, it is also a good choice to use an electric blanket or some type of external heating rod to help the doll stay warm.

    Please note: During the heating process, the doll should lie flat with hands and feet straight. Do not charge while sitting. Also, be sure to turn off the power when you use the doll.


    Voice function

    Sex dolls with a vocal box can generate human-like moaning sounds when they sense touch on a specific body part. The sex doll has a built-in sensor on the back and will react when you caress your dream lover. When you pinch or shake your breasts the sex doll moans. If the doll's breasts jitter during sex, the doll will automatically change its tone according to the degree of shaking, catering to your movements - just like a real person. When touching her pussy and thighs, the sex doll moans. It is a great feature to make the sexual experience more realistic! The speaker is removable and can be turned off when not in use.

    This feature has actually been around for years, but continued development of the technology has made it far more effective than before. Current sensory points are located in 5 parts around the body: the nipples, inside the genitals, and on the thighs. When she is switched on, you can slowly stroke her sensitive areas with your fingers to spice her up a bit ! First a kiss, then the touching of her breasts, then thigh, you can't help but get an erection. Also, when you penetrate the body, she will create sounds that will change according to your speed! Equipped with a vibration detection sensor, when you gently touch her G-spot, you will hear a relaxed moan of "ah, hmm". This feature is a big step forward in recreating the real sexual experience. With this, you can completely immerse yourself in a sex paradise with your dream love. Forget about all the unpleasant things in life. Just enjoy exhilarating sex.

    LGBT Penis Adapter

    You can do whatever you want to a sex doll ! There are no sexual constraints and no prejudice or discrimination. In that sense, sex dolls can cater to everyone. For example, the penis adapter. The penis adapter can be attached to a female sex doll and turned into a transgender sex doll. What is great is that it is easily attachable. So, depending on your mood, you can choose between a vagina and a penis. Penis adapters are popular among couples. Suitable for all-in-one and detachable doll vaginas.


    Additional customization options

    Everyone's taste and preferences are different. To please everyone can be challenging. As one of the main purposes of sex dolls is to fulfill fantasies, special preference options that are not found within the conventional customization list can be followed up with customer support. Here are some unconventional options.

    Customized skin tone

    Common skin tone choices from manufacturers include white, natural, tan, and black, but if you think this is boring, not a problem, contact customer service before placing the order. The manufacturers we recommend all have the ability to customized different skin tones.


    Movable jaw / Movable mouth

    If your doll's expression was set in stone, it would be very monotonous and boring, correct? If you want to change your doll expression but don't want to completely reconfigure her, check out our active mouth option. The movable chin can adjust the mouth shape and some micro-expressions to make the doll come alive ! This option is not available from all manufactures. If you are interested, reach out to us. We will inform you on the brands that offer this feature.




    Breathing function

    With continuous R&D being invested into the sex doll industry, innovation is bring about massive changes. One example is China's famous doll factory WM DOLL (Jinsan). They have recently developed a feature which allows the doll to replicate breathing. By installing a special device inside the doll, it allows the doll's chest to rise and fall just like when a human breathes. Again, this small attention to detail really makes things that much more realistic.




    Anime face/head customization

    A blessing for customers who love anime two-dimensional sex dolls ! Do you like anime and games? Want to see your favorite anime or game characters come to life? Contact our staff to customize your favorite animated game characters ! Below are other customer-specific content for your reference.


    Freckles Face/Freckles Makeup

    Many European and American celebrities have freckles on their faces. In fact, in western culture freckles can be a sign of beauty. To cater to this, some manufacturers have specifically introduced freckle makeup options. Come and experience it!


    Automatic vagina lubrication

    Automatic vagina lubrication does not mean that once the sex doll's vagina is rubbed the vagina will automatically discreate wetness. Instead, to make a nice wet and most vagina, the automatic vagina lubrication requires a little water. Before you have sex, put a plastic bottle filled with water into the masturbator and rub it so that the water spreads evenly. Then put on your masturbator and have fun like never before! With this, you no longer have to make a special purchase of water-soluble lubricants. It's a little disappointing that, at the moment, this technology can only be used for sex dolls with removable vaginas. But, considering how fast the industry is growing, that may change in the future.



    AI Voice Dialogue

    Unlike regular touches that produce moaning sounds, dolls carrying AI voices can engage in simple conversation. If you say to her "I'm back," she'll respond with "Welcome back, darling." You can interact with her through simple language. Yes, although it is all simple conversation, but when you’re tired from a full day’s work there is something pleasing to have a super beautiful woman acknowledging that your back. It is a function that heals the minds of those who live alone and feel lonely.


    Special customization - You can customize items that are not listed within the customization options!

    When you want to customize something that is not listed in the customization options, send us a message! We will see if it can be done. If production is possible, we will send you an estimate of the cost. If you want a sex doll that is exclusive to you, we also accept full-body customization. Please provide face photos, body photos, body information, etc. We will customize your own sex doll according to your needs. We guarantee your privacy and will not disclose it to anyone.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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