Brand: SM Doll

156cm/5ft1 A-cup Skinny Silicone Sex Doll with #X2 Head

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NOTE: The images accompanying the descriptions are from other dolls in the same body type by the same brand. The only variation is in the head, skin color, and clothing, but otherwise, they are exactly the same as the item you are currently viewing.

The perfect petite sex doll for those who appreciate athletic beauty. With her flawless skin color, ideal proportions, and stunning muscular lines, she will leave you breathless.

Her slender legs and narrow hips create an alluring silhouette, but don't be fooled by her petite frame. Her hip measurements are wide to accommodate her gorgeous backside, which is firm yet easy to grip. Her tiny waist makes her easy to grasp, allowing you to explore every inch of her perfectly sculpted body.

This doll's joints are tight in all the right places, allowing her to maintain a range of human-like positions. The strong skeleton ensures durability and stability during use.

The SM 156A is truly a masterpiece, a home run in the world of sex dolls. If you desire an athletic, 5ft tall doll without large breasts, look no further. Although it may take a little extra effort to prepare her well-fitting clothes, the experience of having this doll as your companion will be more than worth it.

Invest in the SM 156A today and discover the pleasure of having a lifelike, athletic sex doll by your side.