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A-Cup 160cm Phoebe Wm Sex Doll - US In Stock

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Random second head Gel Breast Articulated Finger Standing Feet

Version: Fixed Vagina
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NOTE: The images accompanying the descriptions are from other dolls in the same body type by the same brand. The only variation is in the head, skin color, and clothing, but otherwise, they are exactly the same as the item you are currently viewing.

The sculpt of the 160A is incredible! The best choice for lovers of small boobs. Slim on top and thick on the bottom, the way they curved the toned abs into thick hips/ass is perfection! Not to mention the most detailed and realistic vagina to date.

The thigh and calf circumference is surprisingly "full" for this 160A doll. Her calf especially has more substance to them than the images I've seen of this doll online. And the thigh/ass... omg. All I can say is OMG.

The TPE skin is amazingly soft, especially after cleaning and powdering, providing a silky smooth experience.

The cute and angelic face of the 160A sex doll complements the perfection of her body. This sex doll is a great choice for those who prefer small breasts and cute features, but still want to have fun with a curvy doll.