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An Overview of the Evolution of Sex Doll Factories: What Do the Top-Tier Sex Doll Factories Look Like Inside?
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An Overview of the Evolution of Sex Doll Factories: What Do the Top-Tier Sex Doll Factories Look Like Inside?

From the emergence of the first sex dolls to now, only a few decades have passed, and this industry remains in a very primitive stage. Currently, many factory owners in the sex doll industry do not have high educational qualifications. Initially, they were ordinary workers who bravely ventured into entrepreneurship during the explosive growth of sex dolls. They established factories, made money, and became an important part of the industry.

Given this situation, most factories in the sex doll industry are not very standardized, and their hygiene standards leave much to be desired. Many doll enthusiasts who have personally visited these factories have even given up on purchasing physical dolls afterward.

The change began in 2019, when Mr. Lin, the founder of the Ren Zhichu (XY Doll) factory, invited Mr. Handsome Chan from Samsung Group. Handsome established a factory with 4S standards, which was at the time the most advanced, cleanest, and highest-grade factory in the sex doll industry. This factory later provided OEM services for well-known brands like XY Doll, Aotume, BEZLYA (later renamed MISSDOLL), Shedoll, Fudoll, and Mozu Doll, making it the most advanced OEM factory in the Chinese sex doll industry.

Subsequently, Ren Zhichu factory underwent a series of changes and adjustments. BEZLYA and Youqudoll collaborated to establish a new factory called Yulian Intelligence. Once again, Mr. Handsome, as the factory director, led the factory design and product development. This second factory, Yulian Intelligence, which encapsulated Mr. Handsome’s dedication and valuable experience, was evidently superior to the original Ren Zhichu factory.

Currently, Evasdoll’s factory is the third factory created by Mr. Handsome, invested in by China’s largest adult products manufacturer. With substantial capital support, abundant passion, and sufficient experience, Evasdoll is undoubtedly Mr. Handsome’s best work to date. The original Ren Zhichu factory was the industry’s first 4S factory, but Evasdoll is now the world’s first 3D15S factory. Below are non-confidential sections of the factory that can be shown. From these images, one can see the factory’s precision and cleanliness:

Few dare to showcase their factories to users. Currently, there are only a handful of sufficiently excellent factories in the industry within China:
Ren Zhichu Factory, Yulian Intelligence, ZELEX Factory, WM Doll’s new factory, Mr. Lin’s XT Factory, SHEDOLL’s Workshop No. 7, etc. Other factories belong to the second tier—clean and sanitary enough but not nearly as neat and refined, making one feel the urge to shop right within the factory.

Choosing a brand that dares to display the interior of their factory is crucial since it involves an intimate partner! This is the sole advice from members of BetterLoveDoll who have personally experienced factory visits.

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