1.1 The Best Returns Policy Ever- Full refunds and free of charge exchanges:

Due to high shipping costs, doll customization costs, and payment transaction fees, etc., the vast majority of websites do not support full refund returns. Even if you choose to cancel an order within the space of a minute, the majority of sex doll websites still charge tens of dollars in refund transaction fees. Some even adopt a zero-return policy towards order cancelations, returns, and exchanges even if the product received is flawed or damaged. At Better Love Doll we offer better service by understanding the needs of the users. Whether you accidently bought on impulse or simply don't like the product you received, as long as the item and packaging is not damaged, we provide you with the freedom to fully refund. At Better Love Doll, it doesn't get much better than that!

1.2 Improved Customerserviceat your fingertips

Over 70% of all sex doll websites are operated by Chinese companies. We are well-aware people from developed nations do not fully enjoy Chinese standard products and services. Unfortunately, we too are a Chinese company but unlike 99% of Chinese sellers who have lagged behind, we have improved and upgraded our support centre and can now guarantee timely assistance whether by online chat or by email.  

we have a team of customer service representatives from all over the world who are fluent in English. We have provided them with professional training, so they can assist you with any general questions you may have. Our customer service is available 24/7, and we have someone on duty every day of the week, so we can quickly respond to any of your needs. Additionally, we offer expert customer service, where you can get one-on-one assistance from our love doll experts in China.

1.3 Selected products, 100% genuine

In the sex doll industry, there are many ugly and inferior products. When these dolls are wrapped in beautiful clothes and carefully photographed and retouched by photographers and graphic designers, all the flaws are covered up and they look very beautiful. But when you receive the product, open the packaging, and the doll is completely exposed in front of you, you will be completely disappointed with her.

For example:

This sex doll has super strange hips, inhuman waist and hip lines, and the bizarre body destroys all beauty.

The sex doll’s rib, waist, and abdomen details are made arbitrarily by the workers, who have no knowledge of human anatomy. The casually made body looks particularly fake, and I would rather have nothing than something fake.

The doll’s body is flat, with details that are almost non-existent. It looks like several cylinders are randomly combined together, lacking a sense of reality.

If you buy a product for less than $450 on eBay or AliExpress, the product you receive may look like this:

The manufacturer used hoses as the sex doll’s skeleton to save costs. There is nothing worse than buying such a product.

Betterlovedoll is a perfectionist and we refuse to sell any of the above products.

Our founding team has over 4 years of experience in the sex doll industry. Within that time, we have become familiar with almost all the different factories and brands in this space. We only work with brands that consistently produce good quality products, and we only recommend and promote brands that offer the best value for the buck. Of course, each product is also always personally inspected by us before being shipped this. This way help ensure that every product received is perfect.

And all sex dolls sold by Betterlovedoll come from legitimate factories and brands. We do not promote or sell fakes ! All dolls are backed with an authorization letter granted to us by each of the brands we work with. All WM products we sell are recognized by WM's anti-counterfeiting verification.


    2.1 We have studied in depth more than 3,000 sex dolls from 40 different Chinese suppliers and, through field research and factory visits, analysed each factory's competitive edge including their best-selling sex dolls. A factory's best-selling sex doll represents the pinnacle of a factory's craftmanship as it is the doll they are most familiar with and the doll that usually reveals a factory's maximum quality and technology capabilities whilst maintaining a competitive price point. Every factory has a best seller. These best-selling treasures are usually hard to be identified by competing brands. Through contractual agreements, Better Love Doll is allowed to identify and sell these best-sellers at large quantities and at best prices. This is where we bring customer value! We are able to offer a better selection of best-sellers at better prices.

    2.2 Every month we spend more than $200,000 ordering hundreds of best-selling products from a multiple of factories and send them to the warehouses distributed across the World. As we ship at bulk via ocean cargo, transportation and tariff costs are reduced to a minimum. This improved logistical strategy saves you money by avoiding unnecessarily high shipping costs. It also allows Better Love Doll to offer better prices unmatched by any other supplier out there.  

    2.3 As a Chinese agency, because products coming from China enjoy lower labor cost advantages compared to European and American products, and because we, as a company, strategically accept lower profit margins in order gain market share, the prices available on our store are simply unmatched. Furthermore, we also enjoy more advantageous currency rates. For an example, if European and American agents make a profit of $5,000 USD per month this would be viewed as insignificant and unsustainable. However, for a Chinese company $5,000 USD per month can be large due to better currency rates. The combination of such advantages allow us to pass on lower prices to our customers.


      Although we have identified and documented numerous areas of improvements, actually implementing such product upgrades is quite challenging due to the lack of owing our own factory. Despite the fact of having our own professional sex doll design team, we currently lack actual manufacturing experience especially when it comes to the handling of weight reduction technology, heating technology, etc. In the near future, we are however confident that after acquiring a factory we will be in a position to create and control our own production line. 

      Regardless, at present Better Love Doll can still provide a range of better and improved product options including 100% ultra-realistic customization, makeup customization, clothing customization, etc. If you need to customize your sex doll's body or face, Better Love Doll, although not necessarily the cheapest,  is especially capable.