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153cm/5ft F-Cup Big Boobs Full Silicone Sex Doll - S29 Florence Bubble Butt

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Details & Recommendations

The following are real reviews from TDF (The Doll Forum):


+ The body sculpt is excellent

+ Hands feel durable and well-detailed

+ Legs are well-proportioned (calf area not stick-like to reduce weight)

+ S29/Fenny head is so fucking cute

+ Face-smothering thighs <3

+ Cute butt


~ Gel breast don't feel especially "gel-y" enough IMO. (they're soft, but have a slight hollow feel)

~ The S27/Ivy head's makeup does not look how I wanted it to


- Auto vagina clamping is not good. Details below.

- Vaginal canal diameter feels too large/wide

Head Review

For the heads, I decided to go for the S27 (Ivy) and S29 (Fenny). Fenny has felt like it's been THE poster child for Irontech heads since it came out, and with very good reason.

The Ivy head, however, I'm not really a fan of how it came out. I did bring this up to the representative at Rosemary Doll, but since the head was silicone and already finished, there wasn't much they said could be done to correct it. They did make some adjustments, but it still didn't come out like I was expecting. This brings me to my one gripe: how the storefronts advertise the different heads.

From what I gather, the manufacturer will design the make-up based on the picture selected from the storefront. However, I don't believe I've seen a store yet that has pictures from different photoshoots for the same head. So I ended up selecting the only Ivy head available, not knowing that it's going to look completely different from the photoshoots and the factory photos I'd seen previously.

So I got this:

The second head.png (5.62 MiB) Viewed 2096 times

When I wanted this:

Auto clamping vagina

As part of the sale, I got the automatic suction for free. While the idea of it is cool, I feel its' inclusion may have necessitated some changes to the body that, had I known about going in, personally would not have opted for. First up, the mechanism is relatively quiet; there's no loud mechanical noises, it's more like a gentle hum. Not bad if you're trying to be discreet, which I feel is a must in what is often seen by others as a giant sex toy.

Unfortunately, that's kinda where the good ends for me. The entrance to the vagina is very tight; almost uncomfortably so, and took a bit of time to get into initially. This feeling is exacerbated by the auto clamping, which is not uniform throughout the canal like I was expecting. To put it simply, it just feels like the vaginal opening itself contracts and releases. Once you're past that like 1 inch ring, the vagina feels almost cavernous. A real "hotdog down a hallway" situation, which is a huge bummer. There is definitely texture inside, because I can feel it with my fingers, but going straight in offered almost no friction to me (I would consider myself average sized). My impression is there's likely a hard "shell" around the suction mechanism, and that makes the pubic mound and the stomach really firm.

Lastly, I implore any who opts to get this feature to use caution when trying to go "too fast" while the auto clamping is on. I tried to insert once while the clamp was contracting, and felt myself bend a little. Not enough to hurt myself or cause any damage, but the moment was kinda ruined for me after that.


Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. If I had the option, I'd definitely make some changes to make her more "functional". That said, this is all my initial impressions, so maybe it will get better overtime.