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160cm/5ft3 I-cup BBW Big Booty Silicone Sex Doll – S12 Carmel

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Details & Recommendations

NOTE: The doll shown in the reviews is the same brand and size as the doll you are viewing. Her head is #S19. It is identical to the item you are currently viewing except for the head, skin color, and clothing.

The following is a real review from TDF (The Doll Forum):


Ahh. one of the most exciting times for us doll enthusiasts, the unboxing. The box was the usual cardboard. There was a slight ding on the top right of the box but I wasn't too worried about it, I've seen this before. The box also had the arrows pointing this way up, which is a nice addition and a little reassuring although the UPS guys probably pay no attention to such things. Upon opening the box I could see the dent wasn't a issue, there was a foam protector straight away inside the box protecting the front of the doll. Underneath that was the trademark Irontech blue sleeping bag which the doll is inside. The heads and the accesories can be seen here along with two IT white t-shirts. There was a special foam block protecting the neck along with these air filled plastic containers and I must tip my hat to Irontech here as I believe this is the first time that a doll has been delivered to me with the neck sitting straight, no bend whatsoever so thats impressive on its own. I cant count how many times ive received a doll and the neck is bent. There were also these airbags down near the legs at the bottom which add extra protection.

Reviewing the heads

The heads were well wrapped with extra wrapping infront of the face for added protection with the eye protectors underneath. The heads look amazing especially the Hard silicone head. The soft silicone head doesn't have the mechanical eyes nor does it have the space for them so regular tpe style eyes are in. The hard head is considerably harder, kissing is not good as you can imagine but the realism is off the charts. The hard head has implanted eyebrows and eyelashes with mechanical eyes, but there is no oral. The soft head has painted on eyebrows and glued on eyelashes, non mechanical eyes and is very kissable and has a oral cavity. So this is down to what you want from your doll, if you want ultra realism and are happy with no kissing or oral go for the hard head, if you want kissing and oral then go for the soft head. The best way I can describe the difference in them is one is like looking at Playstation 4 graphics and the other is close to PS5/PC. But again you must decide which head is more important to you functionality wise.

Next I had a quick zip down of the sleeping bag and was met with the most beautifully aesthetic looking breasts ive ever seen and the softness and feel, amazing, they even sit like real breasts depending on how your girl is positioned. They feel absolutely amazing and also the silicone, I was so happy with its softness, almost as soft as tpe, honestly just a perfect mix between the two. It was also now that ive seen for the first time the Irontech realistic silicone body painting, it looks truely amazing with veins and little imperfections added here and there just for extra realsim.

Theres also this exquisite texturing to the skin. Even the feet look so real with this body painting, the toes are floppy, no big deal for me as im not a foot guy. The nails look beautiful and fit the aesthetic I was going for. Then a hand rose and gave me a one handed salute, I got an idea of this girls "baddie" attitude lol. Her feet in the box were also elevated up a bit, they werent straight, they used a foam block to achieve this. Her gel ass was a big concern for me, I thought it might be flattened from being in transit but this was not at all the situation. Her ass was perfectly preserved .

Next I got her out of her box and placed her on my bed and I was very happy that the weight, it didn't feel unmanageable like I had feared. She is listed as 48kg with head so to date this is the heaviest doll ive ever had but honestly I had no problem lifting her so was very happy with that. Her joints all feel extremely fluid to move, the only minus id give is that out the box she is unable to hold a T pose with the shoulders. This has historically always been the first thing to go in dolls for me. Now its not an issue for me as I cant imagine what one would need a doll to hold a T pose for but I said Id mention it. The articulated hands feel great, as good as WM dolls for me. The nails look really fantastic. I put on the hard head with a wig and was like wow this is the most realistic looking doll ive ever seen in my life. Shes also so thick and curvy, the gel ass feels great, it feels like the same material that they use in the breasts so basically its gel boobs for the ass. I put Nicki facing the wall to see and appreciate her gel ass, in real life her ass looks much bigger and she is just a presence, so thick and curvy. For this day I was tired and had enough done so I placed Nicki in my wardrobe until the next day.

The odour

Nothing to report here, I honestly dont notice any nasty or unpleasant odour.

Feel of the breasts

The breasts feel fantastic and I think are the closest to the real thing ive experienced on a doll so far. They are soft, squeezeable and slapable, move just like the real thing and even if shes laying on her side they droop to the side like real breasts do. They really are fantastic guys.


Feel of the ass

This was one of the things I was most excited for. I can say it feels great, its like the gel boobs of the ass. Its my first doll with a gel ass and its asstastic! Great to grope, grind up against, squeeze and during doggystyle...the best doggystyle experience ive had so far, put some water on it and were off to the races. I can only imagine how amazing this would be with a bigger ass, but honestly im really happy with the 160cms ass and the lhp is perfect for doggystyle. Again best doggystyle experience overall for me.

The seam lines

You would be hard pressed to find them. Extremely well done no complaints here.

Joint fluidity

The joints in the arms feel more fluid than the legs and back, the back is the stiffest as it should be, then the legs a little stiffer but everything moves very smoothly. Nothing is overly tight except the spine as it should be. Vey easy to maneuver her and hold poses and get into positions.

The built in vagina feel and anus for sex

Initially I thought the vagina felt a bit tight and obviously coming from tpe it didnt feel as soft, but a few minutes into the sex in the vagina it became softer, it was the heat from my member that was causing this so from then on everything felt fantastic. I did think the anus felt a bit easier to get to the sweet feeling, it must be the different textures between the vagina and the anus or else the heat from the vagina was transmitting into the anus. But the trick to getting this feeling great from the get go is to use the usb warmer which is provied and leave it in the vagina for about 10-15 with a little lube then your ready to go!

The gel ass in doggystyle

Again best doggystyle experience with a doll to date, just feels absolutely amazing, this is a huge advancement for dolls and might be the best introduction to dolls since gel breasts, you guys got to experience this to appreciate it.

The stand up feet

They are as expected do the job, no problem with them.


Btw everyone I just weighed her on my digital Salter scales and with head on, wig and shoes she only weighs 43.3kg, not 46kg as advertised!

She just got even better!

Skin color

The dark tan I have looks more like a Latina colour to me and yes it's very hard to tell from pictures and it looks different in different light settings. I'll attach pics below.


So this is my review of my Irontech 160cm silicone L cup doll. Shes honestly my favourite doll ive owned so far and I think she has finally convinced me that silicone, or atleasts Irontechs silicone dolls are the way forward. I cant wait to see what new models and upgrades and improvements Irontech will bring us in the future.