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166cm/5ft5 D-cup Realistic Silicone Sex Doll - S10 Misa

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Details & Recommendations

NOTE: The doll shown in the reviews is the same brand and size as the doll you are viewing. Her head is #S7. It is identical to the item you are currently viewing except for the head, skin color, and clothing.

The following is a real review from TDF (The Doll Forum):

Hi Gents,

Ok so this is my initial review of the new irontech full silicon doll.

Order Details:

166cm Silicon Body
Heads x3 : S7, S3, S13 (All brown eyes) {Should have gone with blue eyes for head S13} 
Natural Skin Tone
Gel Breast (as standard)
Articulated Fingers
Standing Feet Bolts
Body Detail : spray makeup (blue viens etc)

Order date:

8th December 2021
Factory Photos date : 6th January 2022
Tracking Number Date : 14 January 2022
Delivered on Date : 24th January 2022

Ok so she has only been here for just 6 Days but from the outset i will say she is a damn fine doll.

No i have not done the nasty with her but have been juggling those boobs every day. 

All photos posted were taken using my Samsung Galaxy phone so not great quality but hopfully the information will still come accross for anyone interested.


S13 S7 and S3 as i liked the smile. The heads are made from a hard silicon though i would not say "Rock Hard" There is a slight softness to them, the best way i can describe is to say the 90% Hard and 10% soft so there is a little play in the silicon, Head S3 is softer still and i would put that one in at 75% hard and 25 % soft in that make any sence....

All have implanted eyebrows and eyelashes and have factory make up applied to them which is not bad at all.

The silicon around the eyes is hard and these eyes, i believe they can't be changed, i thought i could change the eyes when she got here just like you can with TPE doll, They are spring loaded so go deep into the eye socket.

You just press the eye in slighly and move to were ever you want them then let go and there you have is, but there is no way i can see that they can be removed and changed to another colour/color so make sure you order the exact color you requier.

Breast, Vagina, Weight and Hight etc.

Breasts are gel filled and are Ah ! Maze !! iNG !!!  Honestly they are magiacal to touch and fondle and she never says no or say's get your grubby hands off my tits..!!

Do you like breast sex? she will happily accommodate you if thats your thing.
Bra size is a 30 E Cup (UK SIZE) As i have tried a few bras on her and this size is the one that fits best.

Vagina is very soft to the touch both the outer lips and inner texture which feels like it is ribbed inside and as it is very soft it should stretch to accommodate most guys, though if you are lucky enough to be extra large in the trouser/pants department then you may damage the poor lass... (I don't no for sure i am just guessing).

Anal is exactly the same softness as the vagina though the inner texture is not the same, the vagina is ribbed but also hass these little nodules or bumbs in there where ass the ass just has the nodules or bumbs and is not ribbed.

Both the vagina and anus go's into a depth of 7 inches, both will stretch a fair bit but as always if going to town on these ladies then to much lube is NEVER to much lube. 

Here are some more pictures for reference >>>>>

Hight : Hmm i get her at 163 cm with the S3 head on and this is from her standing against a wall and i measured from her heel to the top of her head (and not the tip of her big toe). 

Weight : I weighed her 3 times and each time she came in at 31.5kg this is without a head (but with socks and shoes on), so the weight is body only. (still to weigh the heads, though i reckon about 2-3 kg each, I have found her very easy to lift and carry, though the advertised weight of 37 Kg did concern me but happy to find she is actualy lighter than the advertised weight. 

As said Silicone is lovey and soft but not to soft to be unrealistic and it does feel like she has a foam core in the body. (Note: Silicone is less forgiving than TPE, where you can poke and prod TPE and it will retain its shape, silicon, on occassion if you poke or prod to deep into the silicone then "Dents in the silicone" can appear and as of yet i have found no way to remove them, mostly happens in the legs though)

Legs are a bit meaty at the thighs andf calf area so not the stick insect skinny type at all.

Her Ass is to die for. honestly i can say she has the best ass on any doll i have had before, at least for me it is perfect...Nice soft round & squeezable.

Articulated Fingers are great also and will grip and hold light objects and are very posable so a must have if you are into phtography, love these fingers.