Brand: WM Doll

85cm/2ft9 M-cup Torso TPE Sex Doll with #198 Head

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Details & Recommendations

If you are looking for a discreet and manageable entry into the world of sex dolls, then this beautiful torso sex doll is the perfect choice. From the striking appearance of the head and torso to the gel-filled boobs, this product exudes appeal.

While smaller than a full sex doll, the torso is easy to store and move around during intimate moments, making it easy to adjust positions without ruining the mood.

The doll's body proportions are exaggerated like in a comic book, her waist is very thin, and her breasts and hips are perfectly highlighted. The visual impact is great.

The M-cup boobs are the highlight of this doll, looking amazing . The gel-filled design provides a realistic feel, and they add a voluptuous touch to the doll's overall appearance.

This torso is perfect for those who are curious about the world of sex dolls but want to explore it discreetly and without completely disrupting their lifestyle. It's a great way to satisfy your sexual desires and explore your fantasies without any limitations.Have to say, the sex feel of this doll is fucking good. The vagina experience is great and the ass feels good too, but with a face that pretty who wants to stare at the back of her head? I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality and manageable sex doll experience.