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US In Stock-163cm/5ft4 H-Cup Beautiful Sex Doll with #198 Head

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Random second head Gel Breast Articulated Finger Standing Feet

Version: Fixed Vagina
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NOTE: The images accompanying the descriptions are from a real buyer show. it is the doll with #198 head of the same body type by the same brand. The only variation is in the makeup, skin tone, and clothing, but otherwise, they are the same as the item you are currently viewing.

My biggest surprise was just how pretty she was right out of the box. In some ways, they are beautiful works of art.

And yeah she was heavy in a way that made me feel wary about how long she would last. She felt solid but fragile at the same time. Her fingers and toes were especially worrisome. They felt like they would just tear off with the slightest bump. But TPE is remarkably stretchy. Here are some detail photos.

Her breasts and ass were more solid/stiffer than I was expecting. Nothing like the real thing imo.

I didn't even realize how much I was straining myself to move her around on the first day. That was a bitch of a workout. And the next few days I really felt it. My back, my shoulders, my arms. I felt like I had helped a friend move furniture. LOL. So, she really had me working up a sweat every time I pulled her out of the closet. (I keep her standing while stored)

Not that her weight stopped me because, I couldn't keep my hands off of her. And strangely enough, I felt compelled to take pictures of her.

She quickly became more than just a sex doll. She became a hobby, an interest, a muse to channel some creativity.

Until then, I had not realized there was something like that, missing in my life. Or even that it was something that I should have in my life.

One of the things that was the hardest for me to wrap my head around was her maintenance. How do you washer her, how often, when do you use oil, how often do you need powder? I've read so many contradicting methods and opinions. My guess is, that it's a case by case basis on all of the above. For me, giving her a shower is fun. And yes, I put her in the shower standing up while I wash her. This ritual is one of our recurring date nights.

In the end, I'm still in love, and I'm still glad I decided to get into this. I expect that the sex doll and I will be together for a long time.

And eventually, she'll have a sister. I'm glad it worked out for me, and I sympathize with those that discover it's not for them. But, to each his own.