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US In Stock-156cm/5ft1 H-Cup High Quality Sex Doll with #233 Head

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Random second head Gel Breast Articulated Finger Standing Feet

Version: Fixed Vagina
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NOTE: The images accompanying the descriptions are from other dolls in the same body type by the same brand. The only variation is in the head, skin color, and clothing, but otherwise, they are exactly the same as the item you are currently viewing.

This sex doll is simply stunning. With its small and hot beauty, it is sure to catch your eye with its plump body and attractive curves. The H-cup breasts are super sexy, the wide buttocks are full of texture, and provide an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. The short height keeps it plump to a certain extent while reducing weight, making it easy to maneuver and enhancing the overall experience.

Her breasts are even. There is no thicker wall on one side or less gel, which ensures a realistic and natural appearance. The voluptuous and gorgeous curvy body is sure to impress, with a flat stomach and firm thighs and butt that are full of muscle -like elasticity.

Overall, this sex doll is near perfection. It has all the features one could want in a sex doll, and the attention to detail is remarkable. Its realistic appearance and features make it a must-have for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience. recommend this product to anyone looking for the ultimate pleasure.