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US In Stock - 162cm/5ft4 J-cup Huge Breasts & Big Booty BBW TPE Sex Doll - C38

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Extra TPE Head (US stock only, doll head is random) Implanted Hair (only available for silicone head dolls) Gel Breast Fixed Vagina Standing Feet

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There's no shortage of loneliness in this world. For some, it's a lack of friends or family, while others find an emptiness in their lives where romantic love should be.

Filling those gaps can seem daunting. A sex doll can make an enormous difference in this regard, offering individuals an opportunity to connect in a way that's more natural than some might think.

We will introduce you to this ultra realistic BBW Sex Doll in detail to ensure that she is the right sex doll for your needs.

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Congratulations! Today you'll save $200 and get the realistic sex doll valued at $1,099. The material of this sex doll is TPE, which has better heat retention, and a more lifelike feel.

BetterLoveDoll has the best deals on legitimate products, though other dolls occasionally throw in enough freebies with certain purchases that the costs can offset in their favor. If price is your concern, Better Love Doll is often the best place to start looking.

About Privacy
There's a potential stigma associated with owning a sex doll, unfortunately. That's just one of the reasons that we must safeguard your privacy. And a box big enough to contain a life-size sex doll could draw curiosity. Fortunately, we will take pains to conceal the contents of shipping boxes. So you don't have to worry about exterior branding or obvious shipping labels giving away what's inside.

As for your online privacy, we use cookies and other trackers the same way almost every site does. However, we are secure checkout protocols to safeguard your most sensitive data.

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At BetterLoveDoll, we extensively test each product. Our hands-on testing gives us unique insights into customer experience and the quality of these products.

We also performed extensive comparisons of stock, prices, and available features on the same models across multiple distributors to determine at Better Love Doll you can get the most for your money. And our research team spent dozens of hours studying the differences in commonly used materials and manufacturing methods in the industry.

Over the past years, we have helped tens of millions of users make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

Fake sex doll warning

Believe it or not, there is a robust market for counterfeit sex dolls. This is something that gives us headaches and confusion. These manufacturers make the parts and sell them to the vendors who warehouse them. 

But, some counterfeit manufacturers and vendors seek to emulate what the best are doing at a fraction of the cost. They will often use the same product photography the original manufacturer created to sell their imitation goods.

You can guard yourself against these dolls: don't fall for prices that are too good to be true. Manufacturers set an MSRP, and most vendors land around 10% or 15% below that. If you see the same doll on another site for 50% off or more, you can be sure it's fake. Many counterfeit sites also don't let you search by brand. Instead, you can search for features like height, weight, cup size, etc. This is typically a red flag.

Delivery considerations
When you order a sex doll, you need to plan on receiving a large box. No matter which doll you choose, the package that arrives will be pretty heavy. The large size could make some neighbors curious about the contents of the box, but rest assured that we will only ship discreetly in boxes that don't reveal anything about the nature of what's inside. They're nondescript, but they are big. (A person could easily assume that it's a box of unassembled furniture). Place your order now and get it in 3-7 business days.

In fact, take this box below, the sex dolld you receive from Better Love Doll is packaged like this. (The 28oz can of tomatoes on top was just to give you a sense of scale before it became part of a puttanesca sauce.) The box measured 55 inches long and weighed 80lb.

Who benefits from a sex doll?
Sex dolls could benefit just about anybody who wants one, but there is still only a subset of society that considers buying one. The big reason for this is perceived stigma. There is very little research into the motivations or lifestyles of doll owners. And one paper found that owners’ psychological profiles made them less likely to commit a sexual offense than non-owners.

The truth is that sex dolls serve more purposes than just sexual gratification. Single men and women buy them, certainly. Couples are a large doll demographic, as are people with disabilities or parents whose adult children suffer from physical or mental ailments that leave them socially isolated. Some people use dolls to explore their sexuality.

Ultimately, it's a matter of perspective, and it does seem that our view on sex dolls is moving in a positive direction, at least if sales numbers are any indication. In a May 2020 issue of Forbes, for instance, one sex doll distributor’s founder said, "We have lots of products in stock, but we can't work fast enough to keep up with demand." The number of people buying sex dolls is much, much bigger than the number of people who’ll admit it — just like virtually any product related to sexuality.

The important thing is that Better Love Doll is the only reputable distributor that has an actual return policy. Better Love Doll gives you 30 days to request an actual return. If you open the package and find that it doesn't live up to your expectations, you aren't stuck with it. So Better Love Doll is a smart choice.

Customizing your sex doll
One of the best things about sex dolls is the degree to which you can customize them. If you're especially budget-conscious, you might end up with a more "off-the-rack doll." Those dolls can be quite impressive, but if you're already spending a bit of money on a doll, there are a few things you can upgrade that can really make it feel unique.