Brand: WM Doll

157cm/5ft2 B-Cup Red Hair TPE Sex Doll with #162 Head

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Free 2ND Head ($259) Gel Breast ($59) Fixed Tongue ($59) Upgraded Articulated Fingers ($129) Evo Skeleton ($79) Hyper-realism Body Painting ($100) Standing Feet($50) Breathing Function at $100($549)

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NOTE: The images accompanying the descriptions are from other dolls in the same body type by the same brand. The only variation is in the head, skin color, and clothing, but otherwise, they are exactly the same as the item you are currently viewing.

As a professional sex doll reviewer, I have had the pleasure of experiencing various dolls, but the 157B petite princess has really stood out to me.

Despite her petite frame, the 157B is a true gem. Her slim figure and long, sexy legs make her a favorite among those who prefer slender dolls. Her tender breasts are the perfect size and add to her overallfeminine charm.

Although her butt is flat, it only enhances her natural petite form. Her shape, proportions, weight, and movement are all of the highest quality, making her a dream to pose and play with.

As someone who has reviewed countless dolls, I can confidently say that the 157B is a top-notch product. Her light weight and ease of posing make her the perfect muse for any photography or modeling enthusiasts.

In conclusion, if you are a warrior on the search for your ultimate sex doll, I highly recommend the 157B petite princess. She may not be perfect, but her unique features and exceptional quality make her a true standout among the competition.