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165cm/5ft5 G-Cup Japanese Tall Full Body Silicone Sex Dolls - S6 Candy

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Details & Recommendations

NOTE: The doll shown in the reviews is the same brand and size as the doll you are viewing. Her head is #S20. It is identical to the item you are currently viewing except for the head, skin color, and clothing.

The following are real reviews from TDF (The Doll Forum):

Alright folks, my beautiful lady has arrived safe and sound and has been living with me for a month now.

Big compliment on Irontech Doll for creating those gorgeous dolls! The detail really is amazing. It was my first time seeing a full silicone doll in person and I really did set my expectations pretty low on purpose as to not get disappointed, but man I was pleasently surprised!

Her weight was pretty much as expected but the real struggle to me is keeping her limbs and especially her fingers and toes safe when moving her around or posing her. It really does take a lot of planning and being very careful!

My biggest concern at all times is not to hurt her (yes I know she doesn't feel it, but I tend to act like I hurt "things" when I bump them all the time so it's even more the case with her ^^).

After a couple of weeks living together and getting a "feel" for her I was able to give her a name. I gave her the name YoonHee

I'm still learning to pose her so bear with me but here are some introduction pics of her plus some pics showing a bit of the amazing detail.

The silicone seems to be very durable, grabbing her when lifting her and posing her didn't do any harm to her silicone skin so far.

Even lifting her arms over her head to put shirts on was absolutely fine for her armpits.

The seamline on the sides are barely noticeable, if you don't look at an angle the light would hit them you don't notice them. You almost can't feel them even. Very happy with that.

Details on the hands and feet are very true to life regarding skin folds and creases.

Awesome to touch.

Her skin is moderately oily. After her initial shower she was moderately tacky/sticky, after using baby powder it's very smooth. It does get a lil sticky again when you touch her a lot or after one or two weeks but not a lot. I personally would wish that the silicone wouldn't ooze any oil whatsoever cause I hate having it on my hands or getting it on furniture and stuff but I guess those kinds of soft skin safe silicone materials all lose some oil over time.

As for the softness she feels like a fit girl. Meaning the skin is soft and gives if you squeeze it, especially on her arms.

Her upper body and thighs feel like a muscular fit girl, firm core underneath a couple centimetres of soft skin.

Her feet are non bolt standing feet with the harder silicone. They still feel somewhat soft but more durable. Toes are still wobbly unfortunately, I would've hoped they were a little firmer with the hard feet but no big deal.

She has gel breasts and a gel butt. Both feel awesome. Not like real breasts or a real butt since you still feel the firmer outer skin when squeezing but still very nice to touch and squeeze.

Only that especially the butt feels somewhat deflated, like I expected it to be plump and filled with soft gel but it feels and looks kind of saggy. Maybe because she was travelling for 2 months on her back.

Also you absolutely do feel the outline of the gel chamber on the butt. Feels like a harder rim around it, kinda annoying but still OK imo.